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In Da Club
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In Da Club:
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welcome to my homepage please beware the site is under construction please check back here every two days to see the new changes

- thankyou

All About Me>>> my name is Nick and i am a swimmer, wrestler weight lifter. i have brown hair, blue eyes and i am 4.5 ft.
i go to cedar crest middle school. i am 13 years old.

News>>> g-units new CD will be out by Nov.4th 2003 if you find a golden ticket inside you could win the g-unit spinning bling bling. get your bling today at!

SHOUT OUTS>>> Andrew > Tyler B. > Tyler S. > Adam B. > Cody G. > Justin. if you want to give a shout out e-mail me at and tell me his/her name

Top 5 songs
1. stunt 101: by g-unit
2. cant stop wont stop: by young Gunz
3. stand up: by ludicris
4. dam: by young bloodz
5. get low: by young bloodz
to vote on your favorite singer e-mail me at!!!

Nick's Lyrics
stunt 101 by g-unit:

holiday inn by chingy

stand up by ludicris

cant stop wont stop by young gunz

P.I.M.P by g-unit

Other Places to go:

Email: Gang$ter 911

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