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|| my home page ||
|| im a Bo0tiful gurl ||

|| about me || namz megan aka megz. im 16. Sydney. birth 26th august 1987. im a virgo. i love 2 lead n b lead. im extraordinary. n defenatly independant, trusting n romantic. i redish brown hair. blu eyez. wot can i say?? im unique n my self. im vry frienly. but scared ov spiderz. im a model. n my bst frien feebz. im in love with phillip. i dont hate ne one. but wot piss'z me off r 2 face ppl,tartz n wannabe..

im a friendly person, but i dont take shit off people. if i think someting is right i will fight to the death. i have some enemies, but i dont care, life is to short to be fighting over who has him or who is a slut. figure things out by ur self n dont judge people. be your self! why be ne one else?? phils my life, n im open minded. im so happy at the moment. lifes good..

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