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Hi welcome to jessica's homepage book faq (help)
A place to find out wat to do In my homepage book and may answer your questions

Hello I just started ok
I hope you r liking my book so far.If you need help email me ok.
Here r some rules you may want to know In my homepage book
Please try to use gel pen cause they r much better if you do a mistake don't ripe it out ,go to the next page(only if is a lot ok mistake ok)
if you can't put a photo couse ya mum or dad say you can't coz you goin to send to relitive i can scan it and give it back to you when I am done I would love for everyone to put a photo especially ma friends(best friends)
Please put a photo when you r big I put two photos you can do that too
IMPORTANT!!! write you signature and a comment at the end of the book ok.This is a must do ok
Stickers r acceptable in pages but sowwie textas is not good sowwie
The max pages you can user in 6
You don't have to use all the queston you can make your own like How many sisters or brothers.Favourite site(if have in internet)
If you have a older sister that I know and wants to write tell me and I might let them ok
try to make friends with oter people if yuo must
You know don't hab to make ur own email (pretend email) not important anymore
If yuo have msn add me Ok so we can chat
If you have a site or web site tell me and if I have time I will go
I sooo love hamtaro (ham hams too) if you know a site tell me oK I soooo wanna know
if there is something here that I did not mention tell me or email me ok so I will tell yuo or put it up ok
If you havn't wrote in Vivians friendship book I think this is a good time to write in it know(only people who know wat I am talken about)
Here are the order but I my not really do it in that order i am goin to put the people that can put a photo first and the one that can't last maybe but:
Justine (maybe)
Nicole M
The are more people but these are the ones so far that i have asked if you want to write in my book tell me ok

Other Places to go:

sign up for neopets if you haven
like hamtaro go here but not really cool

Email: jessica's email

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