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hey hey hey

hey evry1 a lil'bout me i iam n lots of sports i don have a b/f wich really sux an no 1 likes me at ma skool i have lots and lots of firendz they r all tight here r the list of ma friendz
ma grulz
diana chik u tight i luv u 2 death neva change ight i will alwayz need u there 4 me n ma tyme of need omg i bout punched chris 2 today it waz funny lylas
sarah wats up wit u an ****** ****** u shld no who it iz
maranda thanx 4 bn ma valentine 2 day lol even though u didnt get me ne thang lol j/m
kelsey same 2 u thanx 4 bn ma valentine lol gurl we need 2 do sunthyn nex week end ight so call

Email: mandy

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