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Runescape Tips

Welcome to My Homepage
Every one i have been working on a new site and there are more links so its more convenent anyway the website is below i have also made a link to the web site also.
also i will not delete this web site so if you like this web site better keep useing it but i wont be updating it so use my other for the updates
If u have any sugestions e-mail me at and make the subject "Your Runescape Website" if u dont there is a chance I might delete it ok.
For guides below click "Quests", or click "Cooking Guide".
The links below will lead you to other guides so keep this in mind ok(The quest link has them at the end too so look for them).
I now have a guide for what stuff is worth its in complete but its better than nothing........(the link is on the cooking guide)
Here is a list of all the guides I have.
Quest Guide
Cooking Guide
Crafting Guide
Fishing guide
what stuff is worth guide......
Last updated 3-12-04. Becase im lazy!

Other Places to go:

Cooking Guide
Link to my new site


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