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nicks page
nicks cool

yo nick is cool. jk this my page hope you like it. i love hockey best
sport ever. i play but im not to good at although i have the
second most points on my team. then my second favorite sport
would be football. i dont play on a team though i watch and play
foot ball with my friends. believe it i have friends.

my friends are and again believe it i have friends. well any way they are Justin, chris, Josh f., Mike, Derek, Ronnie, Brian, scott, pat, stephen, kevin, alex, brian j., bobby, jon, zach, bret, jake, brandan, briana, kody, cody, joe, tannar, stasik, josh c. and a lot others but dont i fell like going on any more and if you wanna no who i like talk to me on aim my screen name is foo2335

my hobbies are pretty cool me and all the kids that live on my road are into rc cars i have got an e maxx i trashed it last summer i jumped it off a 6 foot jump its still in the proces of being put together. i like paint ball and air soft to ive got a tippma 98 iwas plyin with my friends one time and i got shoot in the balls with out a cup on i limpin for a week or two. and my third hobbie is skateboarding i aint to good at it but i try ive got a darkstar and an alian workshop three summers ago i droped in on a 6 foot halfpipe fell and broke my leg and the same day my old friend matt wno moved broke his rist it was a fun day not

a lot of people say im rich but im not my grandparents are the ones with the money and there not rich they just get a good income they bring me on lots of trips. ive been all over europe like germany france spain sicily austria and my favorite place malta in the us ive been to almost every state atleast once i freguintly go to navada california montana florida and ive been to colarado three times and this year im going to florida then hawii then montana and some time in there ill probaly go up north a few times so dont try to reach me a lot this summer

hey did u see that red wings game man did the red wings play a good game against the colorado avalanch the final score was 3-2 the red wings won

The best game this year would probley have to be the super bowl the team i wanted to win won with a score of 32-29 the patriots beating the panthers that was a really good game!

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