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Hey people heres a few thing about me!!!
here we go!!!!

Hi there
this is my page a little about me ummm i am 24 yrs old and my life is all my boyfriend and my kids jacob {jake} is 6 yrs and megan {megs} is almost 4 already and i love them allllll
I live in london ontario and have all my life
have 2 older bro's no sisters awwwww {mom}
but i do have 2 sis's in laws and 5 bro's in laws well sorta not married but should be lol
I am close to my mother and all family members and i pretty much love life ands everyone in it with it's exseptions

As of june i will be a godmother to a kool little girl who will be 1 yr old soon she also has two big sisters who are sooo cute i love them all. I have lots of nephews and neices and another on the way.
i am going to school taking computers and i dont have much more too say just hope you enjoyed too veiw some pics click the link {nicole} thanx have a great day byz 4 now

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