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Neopets Rule!

Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!!! I'm Joshua.Today I'm going to tell you about neopets!On neopets you can play games,adopt pets(virtual),explore Neopia,and duel one of your friends in a battle!The site requires a name and a password to log in.In Neopia,you can buy all sorts of things with your "money",like food,jewlery,make-up,and plushies.Then you can put your neopet in a neolodge for a day or more!When I was telling you about the money this is how you get
it:You have to earn points on the games you play.If you save up a lot of money you can buy your neopet a pet-pet.If you don't have enough money to buy your neopet some food because they usually start to starve,go to the soup kitchen,and they'll give your neopets soup free!But you have to have neopoints(money)under 2,000.Lots of unexpected things can happen while you play,good and bad.Well, enjoy!
Yours truly,

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