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Hi , im Perry , and i'll be your host for the rest of the time you are reading my page . I'll give you cheats for all the best games . The first game I have is Super Smash bros.

There is one thing that makes me very upset . sonic and Tails . They are not in this game so stop trying to unlock them . They weren't even a part of nintendo in 2001 . Here are all the people that you can unlock in the game: and watch : beat classic , adventure , or target test with everyone beside him .
mewtwo : play vs. mode for 20 hours or more .
luigi : finish level 1 in adventure mode with a 2 at the end of your time example 5:02:09
jigglypuff : beat classic mode
marth : beat classic mode ith jigglypuff
roy : beat classic mode with marth .
pichu : beat legendary pokemon the event match .
dr.mario : beat classic mode with mario
gannondorf : beat triforce gatherings the event match .
young link : beat classic mode with 10 diffrent people . ( Zelda and Shiek are concidered two different people no matter who you are at the end .
falco : beat 100 man melee

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