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Baby Girl's Page

Whassup, playas playas? Nada damn thang here....anyways my name is Amanda and I am from the rinky dink town of Batesville, really, it's tiny!!!!! Anyways, I hope ya like my site!!!
"I may be lying in the gutter, but I'm staring at the stars"
Amber...if you're out there...this is for you...
I'ma tell you like this
You better watch ya back
Cos I may not be black but this white girl ain't
afraid to act
You lil bitch quit fuckin wit my man..
I'ma try to get the message through...I'ma try
as heard as I can
And if ya don't get it this time I will be a lil
more violent...
I'ma have to go to church just so I can repent
for these sins I'm about to commit cos I hate you
you nasty bitch
you are nuttin but a whore
You mention ya name all the guys are like oh she
has sucked my dick before
Your name is very well known
I'ma make ya even more famous
When ya ridin in da ambulance
With ya head all busted up
YOu ain't nuttin but a nisty trick
So go jump on anotha niggaa dick but stay of mine
Cos ya runnin outta time
And when the timer goes off
Then so am I and all you'll be able to do is run
and cry
I'a tell ya why
It's cos I don't give a fuck
Bitch call da cops
I'll give em a run for they money
Bitch you don't understand
I think all dis shit is funny
Talk all the shit ya wanna
Cos I'm just gonna laugh
But for now I'ma leave it like this
But bitch remember I dont play
And I will see ya again some day

"Get her done, that's right" Yeh bradley that was for you, Michael, Nickolas, and Shane, and all the rest of the Bradford people!!
As I sit here alone in the darkness,
A single tear falls from my eye.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you make me cry?
It was your game,
You made the rules.
I let you win.
I let you play me for a fool.
But now, I have decided,
There will be no more crying.
I have to do something
To keep my heart from dying.
And now, I have decided
The players going to get played
Hell get a taste of his own medicine.
Now, this is my game.
And I wont lose, i cant
No matter how hard you try.
I will win this game,
Victory is going to be mine.
So boy you better watch your back,
Cause this girl has gone wild.
Shes no longer who she used to be
A calm, sweet child.
This white girls not scared
Like you thought she would be
Right now would be the time
To turn around and flee.
Step right back out
The way you came
Cause you just lost
At your own game.

you said you wasn't a playa
when you first became mine.
But now that we're apart nigga,
why you trin to shine.
In front of ya boys,
ya trin to put me down,
but ya liftin me up
pleasing me, when their not around
Dawg it'salright, do what you do
but its a shame
its not a thing,
just remember
two can play that game
Nigga don't get mad cause
you got caught
you need to go to pimp school
so you can get taught.
Get some help on playin ya cards right
unlike you, i've been pimpin
dem niggas all my life.
you cn't be like me cuz
i'm just to sweet
i graduated from "Pmptress University"
before you began to walk on your feet.

I have learned not to say forever
Because forever is not for real.
It's only something that you think.
And something that you feel.
For I have said forever
Only to break my heart
Because when I said forever
I thought we'd never part.
So it won't be forever
It won't last that long
For there is no such thing
It is just a word that we use wrong.
Forever is for always
And always never ends
And even though we said forever
It isn't gonna happen, my friend.
Because forever isn't here
It already said good-bye
Forever only lied to me
Hurt me and made me cry.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Im in love
but not with you
When we broke up
You thought I cried
But all you were
Was anotha guy
You told all yo friends
That i was a trick
Well I told all of mine
You got a weak dick
I told you I loved you
You beleived it was true
Well guess what playa?
You got played too?
You think you the shit
Cause you an the basketball team
But you warm the bench
So what the hell you mean
I know Im the shit
And Ill allways be tight
Cause when I got off the phone with you
My otha man was on my right
I laid him down
And fucked him well
He took me out to dinner
He was the one I could tell
But when we got finished
And the check was 49.99
He goin slide it over to me
And say thanks for a good time
I stood up and looked at him and said
Nigga please
You brought me to dinner
You gotta pay for what I eat
All I got was a ham salad on it was crutons
He got shrimp,lobsters,and catfish
And topped it with red wine
Not even half the check was mine
Cause three fourth of it was his
And when he came back home
His shit was waitin outside the crib
He knocked and knocked and knocked and knocked
And waited there to see
Just to see if I was home
To apoligize to me
The door swung open and he was mad
Cause standin there was my ex-friends babys dad
He was 6 foot 2 and built up strong
With his carmel skin and had it goin on
Then you came over
To see what I would do
Well guess what playa?
You got played too!
Kill all your friends one by one
But in the end you'll come undone.
Keep them all at arms length and push them away
After all they betrayed you so they deserve to pay.
Who won the war when it was your own people you slaughtered?
Only because the people you cared about couldn't be bothered.
Put everyone on a pedestal so damn high
But youre the last to trust and the first to lie.
Say you're sorry now and make it right
Before they fade, confront the stars tonight.
But you choke trying to swallow all your pride
Please, before you get hurt put your pride aside.
Melt the ice and melt your heart
Put the broken pieces together just to break apart.
In the end it's always you who comes undone
In the end there was only one.

Hey I'm back!!! Well I hope ya have liked my page so far.....if any of you people have yahoo messenger hit me screen name is twizted_playmate17!!! Aight ya'll? Anyways, if ya enjoy this tell me aight? Holla!!!
"The best way to love is love like you've never been hurt."
Shout-out's to: Stasha K., Bradley H., Michael M., Jerry Anna P., Jessica E., Sarah J., Jessica M., Jacob H., Jarrod G., Anthony B., Josh M., D.R. Vickers, Cassandra F., Danyelle J., Robyn W., Nicole M., Matt H., Toni, Justin W., Jennie M., Tyler P., Jeremy G., Philip H., Dara B., Megan P., D.J. Apple, Ashley A., Brittany H., Whitney K., Jason H., Megan T., and if I forgot to put ya name on here....sorry!!!!
R.I.P. Josh Brady, Billy Joe Sample, Steven Simpson, Matt Earls, Doug Rowlett, Jeremy Pomranky We miss ya'll!!!
We were here but now we're not we went outside to smoke some pot...we got high to prove a ain't shit without a joint!!!

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