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*~*Just a lil bout us*~*

Alrighty, heres just a lil bout us. Im Codi im 16 i have a lil sister Ryan who is 14 this januray. We live in L.A., its so awesome out here we both surf "ryan is really good! she is a competitive surfer" I surf as well, dont get me wrong its cool and fun and everything but im more into acting, im up for the new show coming next september Teenagers are nothin but trouble, its a comedy written by Tom Hedgeburg. Hopefully I land the part! wish me luck!
Favorite music....Ryan like Pop punk and anything that on the top 20 list for the week, lol. Cody.... i love punk me and my friends are in a band Pink flash i play the drums alli sings sosha play the guitar ryans been wanting to get in so i think were gonna let her she play tha guitar. anyways maybe one day we'll get our big break lol
Boys....o dont we all love tha boys lol Ryan right now is single, guys!!! lol but she really focuses on her surfing. Codi i have a b.f his names Kyle, but my celeb crush is sooo chad michael murphy hes is soo good lookin lol.
ok well im prob boring you but anyways thanks for look in at our site!!!!!

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