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Legions Of Valhalla's Ranks

Rank Name Ranks Points Rank Information

1.Townsmen -0- New recruit start
out at this rank.
2.Milita -75- Once the new
recruit attains
this rank, he is
awarded his first
promotional prize.
3.Squire -125- Squires are
placed under the
command of the
knight he is
assigned to. The
only way a
squire can
become a knight
is to show great
skill in a
4.Knight -1000- Once squires
become knights,
they are put in
regiments. They
make up the
majority of the
5.Legionaire appointed The legionaires
are second in
command of
regiments. A
knight can only
become a
legionaire when
he is appoint by
the warlord.
6.Warlord -8,050- Put in charge of a
regiment. They
take lead in clan
7.Sargents -12.075- Sargents are now
entitled to take
the test that
allows them to
control a platoon.
They are able to
challenge the
lieutenants for
their position.
8.Lieutenant -17,100- The lieutenants
meet once a
week and decides
on new policies,
makes new
recruits into
members after
their trial period.
There are five
lieutenants that
make the lower
9.Captain -25,800- There are 4
captains that make
up the High
Council. The High
Council has the
final say on the
issues that arise in
the clan.
10.Commander _~x~x~_ Leader of the
whole clan. Heads
the High Council.

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