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Legions Of Valhalla's Rules


(Note: Conduct rules are intended to promote a friendly, honorable environment for all)

* No bigotry. This includes racism, sexism, and everything else your mom should have slapped out of you when you were 11.
* Treat others with respect. This means no flaming, no trash talking, no abuse of any kind.
* Donít swear, use profanity, or use vulgar language in the forums, channels, or games.
* Donít cheat, hack, steal, or exploit the game. What you do outside the is your own affair, but inside our forums, channels, and games, there will be none of that.


"Manner Rules"
(Set in stone)

* No duped or 08 items.
* No slow, knockback.
* No mercs, wells, shrines, or potions.
* No % to cast amp, lifetap, decrepify, or iron maiden.
* No perfect stat rare, magical, or crafted items (for example no 3/20/20 charms, 300/63 swords even if they are not the commonly duped ones). Perfect uniques are allowed, as are near perfect items that are legit (3/x/20).
* Marrowwalk is banned (buggy synergy).

"Balance Rules"
(Open for change by voting)

* Character level cap = 85.
Note: You would not be required to reach this level, simply not allowed to exceed it
* Duels will be held in NIGHTMARE.
* Duelers MAY use items that grant a skill of their own class.
For example, a paladin may use a runeword that grants fanaticism while using another aura.

Absorb Rules:

* ONE ravenfrost may be worn. NO other absorb is allowed.
* 85% max fire resist is allowed
* 75% cold/lit resist is allowed
* 90% poison resists and any amount of Poison length reduction is allowed.


Amazons may use a maximum of 110% total runwalk from items/gear.
Amazons may not use SLOW MISSILE.


Sins may use a maximum of 20% runwalk from gear or charms+ any level BURST OF SPEED.
Yes, this means no Enigma on sins


Barbarians may use a maximum of 65% runwalk from items/gear + any level INCREASED SPEED or FRENZY.


Druids may use a maximum of 110% runwalk from items/gear (no limits on Feral).
Druids may not use vines.


Necros may use a maximum of 110% runwalk from items/gear.
Necros may not use:

* Amplify Damage
* Decrepify
* Bone Prison
* Bone Wall
* Bone Spirit


Paladins may have a maximum of 65% runwalk + any level VIGOR or CHARGE.
Paladins may not use:

* Holy Freeze
* Holy Bolt
* Concentrate and Blessed Hammer at the same time


Sorcs may have a maximum of 110% runwalk from items/gear.
Sorcs may not use

* Teleport
* Blaze

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