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Members Only

Difficulty Level: Hard

> Notes: You must have completed the Plague City quest.

> Start: At the building east of Edmonds House (North of Ardougne Palace), talk to Elena

- Elena will tell you will tell you to talk to Jericho. He can be found in the Chappel across the river.

- Jericho will tell you to talk to Omart, who is near the South Wall separating East from West Ardougne.

- Omart will tell you that you will need to distract the Watch Tower Guards. You will need to find the messenger pigeons which can be found in Jericho's Backyard. Search the cupboard to find birdfeed. Go back to the Tower, and use the Birdfeed on it, which will release the messenger pigeons.

- Now return to Omart by going over the ladder. Grab the rotten apples on the north wall, and put them in the pot in the building east of the apples. Talk to one of the mourners. They will tell you that they feel sick, and to fetch the nurse. Talk to the Nurse (Sarah) to the Southwest. Search the cupboard to a doctors gown, and put it on. You may now go inside.

- Go upstairs and talk to the mourner. He will give you a bronze key. Use it with the gate and search the crates. You will find Elenas distiller. Exit the building, and talk to Kilron to go back over the wall. Once you're on the other side, go to Elena, and give her the distiller. She will give you 4 things: Liquid Honey, Ethenea, Plague Sample and Broline. If you try to teleport with the Plague Sample, it will disintergrate!

- Put the items in the bank, and then go to Rimmington. Select the second option. Say you need the touch paper for Guidor. He will give you the touch sample.

- You must now give the vials to the correct person:

Ethenea --> DeVinci

Liquid Honey --> Chancy

Sulphuric Broline --> Hops

- Now, go to Varrock and find the Flying Donkey Inn. It is SE of the Varrock East Bank. Talk to the 3 brothers to get your samples back. You will need a priest robe to talk to Guidor. They can be found in the fashion shop across the road. When you talk to Guidor, he says that there is no plague. Go back to Elena, and she tells you to find the King of East Ardougne. Talk to him and he tells you that the plague was a hoax.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: King Lathas Amulet, Access to the new Training Ground


Black Knights Fortress

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Start: At the White Knights castle. Talk to Sir Amik (upstairs).

- Go to the cabbage patch at the Monastery, and take a few cabbages. Having done so, go to the Black Knights Fortress (located west of the Monastery).

- You will notice that the door is locked. You will need a guard uniform (bronze medium helmet and iron chain mail) to enter. Once the uniform has been worn, click on the wall labelled 'Odd looking wall'. Go up the ladder in the first room, and you will see a 'grill'. Choose 'listen' by left clicking on it. You will then see a short cutscene.

- Go back down the ladder, and into the next room with the Black Knights. You will be warned not to go in; ignore it. Once you enter, one or more Black Knights will attack you. Run away or kill them if you can. Go up the stairs, and climb the ladder. Go to the north and find an 'Odd looking wall'. Go through, and use the Cabbage with the hole in the floor.

- Return to the White Knight castle to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 2500gp and 3 Quest Points.


Clock Tower
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Notes: Ability to defeat at least 1 level 58 Ogre.

> Start: Inside the Clock Tower, south of Ardougne. Talk to Kojo.

Purple Cog: First find the Poison needed to kill the rats. Then go to where the cages of rats are and put poison into the food through there. Walk out and you will see levers to close the gates. Push levers to close the gates and wait for the rats to die. Now go back into the cages and search. Right at the end of the cages you will find the purple cog. Now go back up the ladder to the 3rd floor and place purple cog on purple pole.

Red Cog: To get red cog you have to go past the Ogre's (lvl 58) and pick the Cog up. Then go to the second floor and put it on the red pole.

Blue Cog: Go back outside of the monk's house and walk towards the drunk monk with the wheelcart. Go directly north of him and across the bridge. Go west and you will find a ladder. Go down the ladder and follow the passageway. You will finally come to a odd looking wall. Push it and take the Blue cog. Go up the ladder there and back to the house. Go to basement and put blue cog on blue rod.

Black Cog: For this cog, you need a bucket of water. When you find the black cog , use water on it and now you can pick it up. Go to first floor and put black cog on black rod.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 Quest Point and 500 gp.


Cook's Assistant

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Start: In Lumbridge castle. Talk to the Cook.

- Go to the Chicken Farm, north east of Lumbridge.

- Get a bucket or jug, and use it on the Cows, east of the Chicken Farm.

- Go to the windmill with wheat from one of the fields (near the egg farm) and bring one pot with you. At the top of the windmill is a hopper. Use the wheat on the hopper, then operate the hopper. Go downstairs and use the pot on the flour.

- Take the ingredients back to the Cook to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 Quest Point, Cooking Exp and Access to the Range in Lumbridge Castle.


Demon Slayer

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Start: In Varrock Market. Talk to the Gypsy.

- Talk to Sir Prisin, in Varrock Castle. He will tell you to find 3 silverlight keys.

Key 1: Go to the Wizard Tower, and talk to Wizard Trailborn. You must collect 25 bones for him.

Key 2: Get a bucket or jug, and fill it with water. Find the drain on the outer wall of Varrock Castle. Use the water with the drain. Then enter the manhole to the east of the castle, and locate the key.

Key 3: Go upstairs and talk to Captain Rovin. He will give you the last Silverlight key.

- Return to Sir Prisin and retrieve the Silverlight.

- Go to the Stone Henge, south of Varrock. Fight the Delrith using the Silverlight. Just before you kill him, you will be instructed to recite a chant. Pick the bottom option, and Delrith will die.

- Return to the Gypsy to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: Silverlight Sword and 3 Quest Points.


Members Only

Difficulty Level: Hard

> Notes: Level 10 Agility, Level 10 Herblaw, Level 25 Thieving, Chisel, Tinderbox, Vial. (optional: 1 or 2 cut or uncut opals)

> Start: North of Al Kharid.

- Go north of Al Kharid. When you reach the end of Al Kharid, go east and head inside the house. Talk to the Archeological expert. He tells you to bring anything you find to him.

- Talk to the Examiner in the next room. She'll give you an unstamped certificate of recommendation. You need to go to the curator at Varrock Museum to get it "stamped".

- Varrock Museum: Use the certificate on the curator and he'll get it stamped.

- Go back to the Examiner and give her the certificate.

- She will ask you a series of questions, but no matter how correct you answer, you will never get it right as you need to get information from the dig site.

- Go west of the house and go through the maze to find a dig site. Talk to the three students and you will see that they have all lost their rocks samples.

- First rock: Talk to the student in the red shirt. He will say that she lost her rock sample when walking along a stream. Go to east of the site (along the river) and you will see the Guide. He teaches you to pan for gold in the river. There’s a small house just south of him. There, you will see that there is a bucket and a pan tray. Take the pan tray and use it on the panning spot in the river. The guide will then stop you. He needs a cup of tea.

- He says he needs a cup of tea. Go south of the house and exit through the gate. Then go east to Varrock and you will see a cup seller. Buy a cup of tea from him for 10gp. Return to the Guide in the dig site and talk to him.

- To use pan tray: Use the pan tray on the panning spot in the river. Continue doing this until you get the rock sample.

- Second rock: Talk to the only female student and she will ask you to find her rock which she lost during a ceramic walk. Go out of the site and go southeast where you need to search the bushes. Search them and you will eventually find a rock sample.

- Third rock: The final student (green shirt) will say to check peoples' pockets for his rock. Pick pocket a workman until you obtain a rock sample.

- Go back to the Examiner and ask her to test you. If you succeed, you will go on to the second test.

- Once you get the students' rock samples, go back to the examiner and talk to her. She will ask you three of the first exam questions. If you answer them correctly, she will give you a "level one certificate" and a "trowel".

- Talk to the Examiner and you will find out that there’s another exam.

- Book of Experimental Chemistry: Go all the way southeast to a house and you'll find a bookcase that you can search. Search it and you'll get the Book of Experimental Chemistry. Read it.

- Go back to the Varrock museum and show the curator the certificate (you may want to do this when you have all the certificates). Note: Either way is fine. However, the certificate takes up space that you may need.

- Go back to the students again and two students (one is in a red shirt and black pants, and the other one is in a green shirt and yellow pants) will tell you the answers to the exam for free. The only student that requires you to do something is the girl. She needs an opal.

- Bring a panning tray with you and over the fence and you will see panning points. Pan at the panning points and eventually you will get an opal. Note: You can also bring a cut or uncut opal with you at the start of the quest.

- Use the chisel with the opal and you will get an opal that looks like it's been cut.

- Give it to the girl and she'll give you the answers. Go back to the examiner and take the exam.

- If you answer them correctly, you will get a level two certificate.

- Go back to the students again to see what they want. Again, two students (the boys) will give you the answers for free. But the girl wants another opal. Get the opal from the river again and pan until you get another opal. Again, cut the opal.

- Give it to the girl and she'll say thank you. Get the answers from her and go back and take the third examination.

- If you answer them right, you'll get a level three certificate.

- Go back to the site through the maze, and you'll see three barrels marked with 'X'. Use "trowel" with every one of them and you'll find yourself saying "Great! It's opened!". Use vial with the barrel that you opened and you will get unidentified liquid. Go to an Archaeological expert (one is located at the center of the dig site, and one is located south of the dig site, with a wench next to him).

- Use the unidentified liquid with him and get "Nitroglycerin".


- Rope: Get a rope by pickpocketing a workman.

- Go to the center of the dig site and you'll find a wench saying that the bucket can't reach the end of the bottom. Use rope with wench and go down.

- You'll find yourself in a cavern. Go a little bit east and search the bricks. You will need explosives to blow up the bricks to get to the other side.

- Go all the way east till you reach some sacks and barrels. Take an Arcenia root and go back up.

- You will get a number of things digging in the whole site. If you are not sure what it is, use the item on the Archaeological expert and he will tell you whether it's worth keeping or not.

- To get a brush: Pickpocket a workman until you get one.

- Go back to the Archaeological expert and use the Zamos Talisman with him. Once he finishes talking, he'll give you a key. Go back to the dig site and go to the tent which has a chest in it. Use the key on the chest and you will receive an unidentified powder. Go back to the Archaeological expert and use the unidentified powder on him and he'll tell you it's the ammonium powder.

- Use the ammonium powder with the nitroglycerin liquid, and then use the grounded charcoal on the mixture. Finally, use the Arcenia root with the mix.

- Use the black mixture on the brick, and then use the tinderbox with it.

- Once the path has been cleared, go straight ahead and get the stone tablet in the middle of the '+' sign.

- Fight off the skeletons that are blocking your way.

- Go back to the Archaeological expert for the final time and use the stone tablet on him.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 2 quest points, about 15k Mining XP, about 5k Herblaw XP, and 2 gold bars.


Doric's Quest

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Start: Doric's Anvil House, located north west of Falador. Talk to Doric.

- He will ask you to get him 3 types of ores:

6 Clay Ores
4 Copper Ores
2 Iron Ores

- Bring the ores to Doric to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 180gp, 1 Quest Point, Mining Exp and Access to Dorics Anvils.


Dragon Slayer

Difficulty Level: Very Hard

> Notes: You must have access to the Champions Guild to start this Quest.

> Start: Champions Guild. Talk to Guild Master, ask about Rune Plate Mail.

- Find Oziach. He is located west of Edgeville.

First Map Piece - Find Melzar's Maze, located north of Rimmington. Enter using the key Oziach gave you. To get the map piece from here, you must collect keys from each monster you meet.

Red Key: Rats (level 13). The one which respawns in the South Western most corner. Use the key it drops on the Northern Most door.
Orange Key: Ghosts (level 25). The one which respawns South West of the ladder. Use the key on the door directly north of the top of the stairs.
Blue Key: Zombies (level 32). Southern most respawn. Use on the Northern most door.
Magent Key: Melzar the Mad (level 45). The only respawn. Use on the Northen door.
Black Key: Lesser Demon (level 79). Use the key on the door to the North. Open the chest to retrieve the map piece.

Second Map Piece - You must enter a door near the Scorpions in the Dwarven Mine. To enter the door, you will need a Lobster Pot, Unfired Bowl, Sheet of Silk, Wizard Mind Bomb (from the Bar in Falador).

Third Map Piece - Find the Jail in Port Sarim. Locate 'Wormbrain', and Arch him to death. He will drop a map piece. Use telekenetic grab, to retrieve it.

Anti Dragon Breath Shield: You will definetly need this to fight the Dragon. If you think you don't, hear this: The Dragon killed Alchemon because he thought he didn't need this shield. Go to Lumbridge Castle, and talk to the Duke of Lumbridge. He will give you the shield.

Lady Lumbridge: This is the vessel you will use to Travel to Crandor. To aquire it, you must pay 2000gp to it's owner, found at Port Sarim. Unfortunetly, it's broken. To fix it, you will need 3 planks (found in the Wilderness) and 12 nails. To make nails, you will need 6 steel bars (2 nails per bar). Once the boat is fixed, talk to Ned (found in Draynor Village). He will pilot the boat for you. Once all this is done, go to your boat and enter. When you arrive at Crandor, you will be transported outside.

Crandor Isle: Fight your way towards the stair case in the middle of the small island. Go down, past the Skeletons, to the room where the Dragon is. Before you enter, make sure you have the Anti Dragon Breath Shield equipped. Once you defeat the Dragon, you will be teleported outside the room and into the middle of Skeletons (level 54), so do NOT finish the Dragon at extremely low heatlth. Escape the Island by heading in the opposite direction to the way you came in. This will lead past Lesser Demons and come out in the Volcanoe on Karamja. Return to Oziach to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: Option to buy a Rune Plate Mail, 2 Quest Points and 20,000 fighting exp (when you kill the Dragon).


Druidic Ritual
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Notes: You need 1 raw rat meat, 1 raw bear meat, 1 raw beef and 1 raw chicken. Level 10 combat recommended.

> Start: At the Druids Stone Circle (south of Heros Guild). Talk to Karameex.

- Find Sanfew. He is found wandering around the north part of Taverly.

- Talk to Safnew wandering around a building on the west side of the village He will tell you to acquire the raw meats.

- Go to the Member’s dungeon, south of Taverly. Go east to a door surrounded by two Suits of Armour (level 29). You must kill both of them to get through the door. Use all of your raw meats on the Cauldron of Thunder.

- Return to Sanfew, and he will take the meat. Find Karameex at the Druids Stone Circle, and he will teach you about Herblaw.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: Ability to use Herblaw, 250 Herblaw Exp and 4 Quest Points.


Dwarf Cannon
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Start: Talk to the Dwarf commander who is west of McGrubbors Wood near the coal trucks. He will tell you that he needs an extra pair of hands to fix up the railings to protect the mines from goblins. He will give you 6 railings.

- Starting from the furthest west railings, search each railing and when it says the railing is broken say you wish to fix it. Sometimes you may fail and cut yourself, watch out for giant bats. Keep going till you have used up all your railings and go back to the Dwarf Commander.

- The commander will tell you that the goblins have stopped getting in and then will ask you to check up on a guard and tells you that he should be in the black guard watch tower to the south and that he hasn't reported back yet.

- Go south to the black guard watch tower and climb up the ladder. You'll find it's empty...

- Return to the commander and he'll will reveal that the guard is called Gilob and he also mentions that Gilob's son was with him. Then he asks you to bring back some clues.

- Go back to the black guard watch tower and pick up the dwarf remains. They re-spawn every 3 minutes.

- Speak to the commander once more and he will ask you to find the goblin's base were he suspects Gilob's son may be.

- If you look carefully, you will find goblin footprints right by the watch tower. Examine then and you'll find that they are pointing south-east. Follow the footprints that appear now and again until you come to a cavern entrance. This entrance turns out to be just east of the fishing guild.

- Go through the cavern until you reach a room in the cavern filled with crates.

- Search the 7th crate from the left and you will find a dwarf child tied up. His name is Lolk. You untie him and he runs off home.

- Leave the cavern and return to the commander. He thanks you for saving Lollk and asks you of one more favour. To fix up the cannon. He will also give you a toolkit.

- Enter the hut which is just east of the dwarf commander and fix each part by inspecting it. It may take a few tries to fix some parts.

- Talk to the commander again and he will say that he has yet another favour to ask. He wants to know what to use for ammo. He asks you to go to the Dwarf Cannon Engineer who will be at the Black Guard base just south of Ice Mountain.

- Walk over to the base and talk to the engineer. He will give you instructions and a mould.

- Take the instructions and mould back to the commander and he will thank you. Quest complete!

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 Quest Point, crafting exp. And able to buy a cannon from Dwarf Engineer for 750k or separate pieces for 200k each.


Ernest the Chicken

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Start: At the gates to Draynor Manor. Talk to Veronica.

- Enter the Manor and find Ernest. Unfortunately, Ernest has been turned into a chicken! Talk to the Mad Scientist, and he will tell you to get some machine parts for him, so Ernest can be turned back. Before you leave the Manor, grab the Fish Food on the second floor, and the Poison in the kitchet on the first floor.

Pressure Gauge: The pressure gauge is in the fountain out the front of the Manor. You cannot get to it, however, without taking care of the Piranhas in the water. Use the Poison with the Fish Food and use the result on the fountain. Search the Fountain to find the pressure guage.

Rubber Tubing: This is found in the closet on the first flood of the manor. To get inside, you will need a key. Find a shovel on the first floor of the Manor (near the exit), and dig in the pile of compost outside. Use the key on the closet door and grab the Rubber Tubing.

Oil Can: The Oil Can is located in the basement of the Draynor Manor. To obtain it, you must go through a sequence of doors. Here's a guide:

Door Guide --
Pull A.
Pull B.
Go NE door.
Pull D.
Go SW door.
Go S door.
Pull A.
Pull B.
Go NW door.
Go W door.
Go N door.
Pull F.
Pull E.
Go E door.
Go E door.
Pull C.
Go NW door.
Go W door.
Pull E.
Go E door.
Go S door.
Go S door.
Go W door.
- After retriving the Oil Can, return to the Mad Scientist to claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 4 Quest Poins and 300 GP.


Family Crest
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Hard

> Notes: Level 40 in Mining, Smithing, and Crafting, Level 59 in Magic, must be able to kill a level 156 black demon.

> Start: In the house East of the Varrock East Bank. Talk to Dimintheis.

- Now, you have to find each of Dimintheis' sons.

First Son: The first son is located in Catherby. He is a chef, cooking in one of the houses to the north. He will tell you that each son has one part of the Crest, and he won't give you his until you get some fish for him. You need to give him 5 cooked fish; one Shrimp, one Tuna, one Salmon, one Bass and one Swordfish. After you return the fish you him, he will hand over the crest piece.

Second Son: The second son is located north of Al Kharid, in what's known as 'the chasm' (a mining area). To be able to talk to this son, you must first talk to the gem trader in Al Kharid. The son will require that you bring him a Ruby Ring and Ruby Necklace, make from the 'finest gold'. He tells you that you must go to the Dwarven mine, and talk to someone called 'Boot'. Boot will tell you that the gold can be found in a dunegon south of Camelot. Locate the ladder, and decend into the dungeon.

The Dungeon: This area is a mini-puzzly, which took me personally a while to figure out. Here's what to do: Pull the level down on the North wall, where you will see an Ogre. Go to the south wall, and enter through one of the doors. Pull the level inside the room down, and then return to the north wall. Pull the level at the north wall up, then enter the room and pull the lever inside down. Exit the room, and pull the level outside down. Return to the south room, and pull the level inside up. You can now enter the cage area. There are Hell Hounds (lvl 114) inside, so beware. You must have spoken to Boot before you can mine the rocks!

- Make the Jewellery and return them to the son in 'the chasm'. He will hand over his piece of the Crest. He will then inform you of the last son.

Third Son: The Third son is found in the Golly Boar Inn, east of Varrock Castle, and just south of the wilderness. He is in an upstairs room. He is poisoned, so you will need to give him a Cure Poison potion. He then tells you that a demon called Chronozon (lvl 121) has the last piece.

Chronozon: Chronozon must be killed by casting all 4 'Blast' spells (Fire, Water, Air and Earth). Before entering the dungeon at Edgeville, be sure you have Cure Poison potions on you, as there's Poison Spiders to get through. After you kill Chronozon, he will drop the last Crest piece.

- Put all the pieces back together, and return to Dimintheis. You will be rewarded with a pair of Steel Gauntlets. You can get these Gauntlets charged up by one of the sons (only one). It goes like this: First Son - Cooking Gauntlets, Second Son - Crafting Gauntlets, Third Son - Magic Gauntlets. Each type of Gauntlet will increase it's respective skill.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: Steel Gauntlets and 1 Quest Point.


Fight Arena
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Start: South of East Ardougne, at the Fight Arena. Find Lady Servil in one of the houses.

- Lady Servil will tell you that her son and husband have been kidnapped by the evil General Khazard.

- Head West from Lady Servil and you will find some Khazard Armour. Put the armour on, and enter the Khazard Jail, where the hostages are being kept. The guard inside will tell you that he likes to drink. Go to the pub nearby, and buy a Kheli Brew. Return to the guard, and give him the brew. He will give you the key. Free the son, Jeremy and he will go to help his father in the fight arena.

Fight Arena: Go into the Fight Arena to help Jeremy and his father. You will have to fight an Ogre (lvl 58). Once you defeat the Ogre, you will be locked up in a cell. Speak to Hengred and you will be returned to the Arena. You will have to fight a Giant Scorpion. Once you defeat it, you will have to fight Bouncer (Hell Hound). Kill it, and General Khazard will appear. You have a choice, run or stay and fight.

- Go back to Lady Servil and claim your reward.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 1000 GP, Fighting Exp and Thieving Exp.


Fishing Contest
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Notes: You will need a Spade, 5gp, a Garlic and a Fishing Rod for this quest.

> Start: White Wolf Mountain. Talk to the Dwarf standing near some steps.

- The Dwarf will tell you of a fishing contest, and give you an application to enter. The contest is being held in Hemenster.

- To get the red worms, you will need to use a Spade on the vines in McGrubbers Forest west of Seers Village. Collect 20+ worms.

- Go back to the fishing contest, and pay 5gp to enter. Go to the fishing spot next to the pipes, and you will be told that the spot is already taken.

- Use the Garlic on the pipes, and take over the spot. Start fishing again, and you will catch the biggest fish. You then win a trophy.

- Take the Trophy back to the Dwarf and you will be rewarded.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 Quest Point, Fishing exp and access to the tunnel which leads below White Wolf Mountain.


Gertrude's Cat
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Easy

> Notes: Level 5 Fishing, 100gp, Milk, Raw Sardine, and a Doogle Leave.

> Start: Right west of Varrock, across the road from Juliets house. Talk to Gertrude.

- Talk to Gertrude. She will tell you that her cat Fluffs has ran away and she needs help in finding her. Say you´ll help her, get a Doogle leaf from behind the house and head towards Varrock square.

- There talk to either Shilop or Wilough. You will need to bribe them with 100gp to make them reveal their secret playing ground, where they last saw Fluffs. Once done you will know you are supposed to head to the old mill East of The Jolly Boar Inn. There is a low fence on the east side of the mill to enter.

- There you will find the ladder in the middle of the mill area. Climb up two sets of ladders to find the cat. But if you try to take it, it will bite you for a few hp, so you will need to make it satisfied. First up give it the milk. You´ll notice the cat will still be hungry. Use your Doodle leaf on the raw sardine to make a seasoned sardine. Then use it on the cat.

- However the cat will still be to afraid to move since it has lost its kittens. The kittens can be found in a create a little due south of the ladder. Once you have found the kittens. Use them on the cat and the cat will run back home.

- Go back and talk to Gertrude again and she will reward you.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 quest point, cooking exp., a chocolate cake, stew, and kitten you can have.


Goblin Diplomacy

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Start: At Port Sarim, in the pub. Talk to the Bartender.

- Head to the Goblin Village, north west of Falador. Talk to General Wartface and General Bentnose. They will tell you that they're looking for a new set of armour. You will need to bring them 3 different coloured Goblin Armours. To obtain a normal set of Goblin armour, kill a Goblin. They're dropped at random.

- Now head to Draynor Village and talk to Aggie, the witch. She will tell you about the ingredients needed for the Dyes.

Red Dye: For the Red Dye, you will need Redberries, which can be picked off the ground in the forest south of Varrock.

Yellow Dye: For the Yellow Dye, you will need an Onion. These can be found in a Farm to the north east of Draynor (south of the Windwill in LUmbridge).

Blue Dye: Talk to Wyson the Gardener at the Garden in Falador. Before you do this, be sure to ask Aggie about Woad Leaves before you talk to Wyson. Offer him 20gp, and you will get 2 leaves.

- Take all the ingredients back to Aggie, and she will make the Dyes for you. Combine the Yellow and Red dyes to make Orange dye. Use the Orange Dye on a set of armour, and the Blue Dye on a set of armour. Take the 3 sets of Armour (Red, Blue and Light Blue which is the original colour).

- Return to the Goblin Village and talk to Wartface. Give him the sets of armour. He will decide that he likes the set they already use. You will then be rewarded.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: 1 Gold Bar, 5 Quest Points and Crafting Exp.


Grand Tree
Members Only

Difficulty Level: Medium

> Notes: Able to defeat a Level 175 Black Demon, Level 25 Agility.

> Start: Gnome stronghold (west of Ardougne and training arena).

- Talk to King Narnode Sharine in Grand Tree you will be given a bark and gnome book to talk to Hazelmere.

- Hazelmere: Located South of the Khazard port, He will talk to you, you must encode the letters to find the Message:

Humans came with the kings seal

Then I gave him the Darconia rocks

The Darconia rocks will Kill Tree!

- King: Go back to the Grand Tree talk to the king he will ask what Hazelmeres message was, you must carefully choose. Then he will tell you to go to clough's house.

- Clough's house: Located south of the Grand Tree, talk to clough and he will ask you to go back to the king.

- King and Charlie: The king has captured the culprit (Charlie) and you must talk to Charlie to figure out what Clough's plot is. Charlie is located at the 4th story of the Grand Tree. Take the ladder on the 1rst floor of the grand tree to the 2nd story of the Grand Tree, Take the eastern door, head west as soon as you get through the door, look around you will see 2 ladders going up (doesn't really matter) take the ladders going up, then head west of the ladder, go through the door and take the ladder going up talk to Charlie he will tell you the plot of Cloughs. Talk to king but he will answer in disbelief.

- Clough's house: Go back this time talk to him, he will arrest you for no apparent reason and send you to the cage next to Charlie's. The king will release you and will advise you to take the glider to Karamja. For a few blissful moments you will be flying above the seas. The glider will crash and land you in the jungle instead, a Jogre level 58 will attack you right away.

- Jungle Shipyard: Now you head to the ports in the jungle just north of the glider. Talk to the shipyard worker, tell him Clough sent you and he will ask for password: Ka Lu Min . He will accept the password and let you in.

- Shipyard Foreman: Located in the furthest part of the ports talk to him and tell him Clough sent you. He will ask you questions that really don't matter. You want him to attack you and for him to drop a invoice letter.

- King Narnod and Charlie:Go back to the King and talk to him he will answer back in disbelief still-- will go back and talk to Charlie he will tell you of Clough's girlfriend Anita.

- Anita: You will have to go to her house Just west of the Toad Swamp, she will ask you to give Clough his key that he accidently left behind last night when he was at her house. Keep the key.

- Clough's locked chest: Use the key that Anita gave you on the chest in Clough's house, you will want to report back to the king, and he will still be in disbelief but this time after he and his guards interrogated Charlie he gave the king 4 pebbles which he will gave you.

- Pebbles: Now he will give you four different pebbles. - Which have the symbols: (ho),(nl),(:::),(ha)
And the encodement is: (O), ( P), (E), (N)

- Watch Tower: Located in Clough's house, if you click around you will see an option to climb Watch Tower, Lvl 25 agility needed to climb it. On the Watch Tower you will find a Sand Stone. You will have to put the pebbles on the stone stand you will want to put the Pebbles in this order:

Farthest Left: Pebble (ho)

Centre Left: Pebble (nl)

Centre Right: Pebble (:::)

Farthest Right: Pebble (ha)

- After you have correctly put the pebbles in the right slots push down the stone stand and you will climb down a ladder which leads to Clough after a bit of talking he will send down a Black Demon lvl 175 on you, you must beat this demon to finish quest.

- King Narnode: Talk to King Narnode, he will listen to you this time in disbelief that he doubted you, he will ask you to search the tree roots to look for the Darconian Rock after you have done this you have completed the quest.

--- END QUEST ---

Reward: Agility Exp, Access to Underground Mine by turning stone tile, use of Gnome Glider, Use of Teleport Tree and Attack Exp.

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