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The ReAl DEaL
a really good runescape cheat

Hahaha the rune fad lives on seeing my self as a runescaper or a jagex staff member im going to tell you all a little secret that no one knows about but the loyal fans and the staff members at first drop the item you want two of; next drink a strength potion; next wait for about five seconds standing away from the item for about 10 seconds then drink the second half of the potion when you are getting closer to pick the item up and lastly you stand on that item and it will say...pick up rune two hander,pick up rune two hander and its so easy im telling you and geuss what... this cheat also works for the game diablo all versions it is a really cool trick but dont get caught doing it by a former Jagex member as myself or i will have to give you congrats on a scam well done. who wants my runescape account?!! my user name and my password is "i like bigg buttz" i also have the full complete list of every runescape password and username ever made for a copy email me and mail 5 dollars to
im glad to see all the little s it warms my heart...if i had one

Email: zack

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