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How much is it worth?

I will add more as i go.
If there is anything u want the price onor want to tell me the price on it e-mail me at
rune plate=65k
rune legs=62k-65k
rune large=(im not sure on rune large i got mine for 35k)35k
rune medium=10k
rune 2h=50k
rune square= get a kite
rune kite= not available yet
rune battle axe= not available yet
rune long=32k(in champs guild)
rune short=not available yet
rune mace=im not sure but 13k-16k and y would u want a rune
rune chain=50k
rune hachet=not available yet
rune pick=32k
addy plate 15k-16k
addy legs=i cant seem to remember
addy large=umm.....3k i think
addy medium= ive never had one
addy pick=i have one but i cante remember what i paid for it
addy hachet=ive never seen one
addy long= coming soon
addy chain=hmmm
addy short=hmmm
addy battle axe= i think about 6k
addy 2h=its been too long...
addy mace= why would u want a addy mace.....
addy kite=not sure
addy square= get a kite
str pot=1k
raw lobster certifercate=1k
cooked lobster certifercate=1k
raw sworfish certifercate=not sure 1.5k to 2k
same with cooked
(you can buy raw lobster separate for 100gp each but their realy worth 200gp each..... so) 1 raw lobster =200gp

well ill update later e-mail me...
last updated 2-23-04. Beacase im lazy!

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