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Hi peaplz
waz ^

here are some of my shoutouts :
sara-you know even though we don talways get along youll always be my friend!!!!
Katie-bff. see you at school.
jessy-you might be good on the bars but i am good on the MONKEY BARS!!!
Alex-for being a friend that i can talk to!!!!!!@#$$
Mr.Person-for teaching me that when a teacher says be quit she or he means it now!!! :0)
ok enough shoutouts her is my info:my b-day if March 5 my name is Lindsay.I go to a Intermediate school in Indy.i have tons of friends.i have a german Shepard named dawson.
I have 2 sisters and one brother.There names are Eric,Jade And,Cheyanne.thet are 21,17,and 7 i am 11 jade is 17 eric is 7 and cheyanne is 21.DONT FORGET TO E-MAIL MR PLZZZZZZZ.thanx u

Email: Lindsay

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