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easy money for you on runescape (member)

hi my name is josh and i will tell you how to get money fast it is easy.
the first thing to do is to start theving.thive on man in edgevile,for untill you have a lvl 25 thiving then head to alkirad and thive on worriors untill you have a 40 thiving then go to vorock castle in the room with all the garads.this could take a while to get your thiving up to the next but garads give you 40gp each time you thive for them get your thiving to lvl55 and go to east agorage and thive from knights.(p.s. if you don't want to thive on gards go to the cake stall in east argorageand steel from stall.)once you get to a lvl 65 thiving pickpocket pladins that are in the same area as the knights.keep thiving on them untill you get a lvl 80 then comes the good stuff thive from hero's in that same spot and the hero's will give you rune. hehehehehehe i love thiving. if there is any problems put bomber12020 on your list and i will help ya good thiving mate.

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