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Zelda ocarina of time cheats

If any of these cheats dont work on your game Dont get mad at me because thy worked on mine.

-Get unlimited rupees
First get the Biggoron Sword then go to the lost
woods when you are a grown-up. Kill the skull kid
that is where that guy was sitting. You must use
the biggoron sword. If done correctly it will lean
over and die!!!!! You can do this anytime!!!!!!!!!

First ride Epona to Gerudo Valley.
Cross the bridge and go to the carpenters tent.
While still on Epona angle to the right and try to go
in the right side of the tent. When you are lined up
like this, press a and hold left If done correctly you
should be inside the tent without Epona. Warp Back to
Lake Hylia from inside the tent and you should then
see only Epona on the warp tile. But you are really
on Epona so get off and you'll be invincible.
I tried this cheat and it really worked. I promise you.

Fishing Tip
Put on your hover boots and take a baby step onto the water so you are at the edge. As you step out, cast your line and if timed correctly, you'll sink as your line lands. You will be knee-deep in water and will be able to move around in the pond.

If you really want to get up close to the fishies, put on your Iron Boots and Zora Tunic. Now, you will sink to the bottom and will be able to see what you catch.

Getting a different horse
To get a different horse for the rest of the game
Here are the things you need to do:
1.Delete your file.
2.Contiue on with the game.
4.Become adult link and beat the forest temple.
5.After you beat it go TO Lon Lon Ranch.
6.Talk to Mr. Ingo and race him.
7.Jump over the fence when he traps you in the
8.You got a ne horse!

1. Lost Woods; Young Link; Ocarina - After entering the Lost Woods, turn
left and jump on the Stump. Talk to the Skull Kid and then play him "Saria's
Song". He will give you a piece of heart!

2. Lost Woods; Young Link; Ocarina - After entering the Lost Woods,
turn right. Head down the ladder and jump on the stump. Play a song with
the two Skull Kids. Keep up with them and you will get a piece of heart...
have a pen and paper ready.

3. Lon Lon Ranch; Young Link; None - Go into Lon Lon Ranch and run to the
back. Go inside the small shed and pull the boxes until you see the
crawlspace. Enter and recieve the Piece of Heart.

4. Hyrule Market; Young Link; None - Look for White Dogs in the pack of
dogs at night (in the back alley). Take it to a woman in one of the rooms
in the back alley. She will reward you with a piece of a heart for his safe

5. Kakariko Village; Both Links; Boomerang/Hookshot - Use the Boomerang
or Hookshot to fly up to the ledge containing the Heart Piece in the

6. Kakariko Graveyard; Young Link; Rupees - At night, (not Midnight,
the Grave Tour will be closed) enter the Graveyard and talk to Dampe. Ask
him to dig on the soft soil parts where he walks. Take at least 100 rupees
for insurance. Eventually, you'll find the heart piece.

7. Kakariko Graveyard; Both Links; Sun's Song - In the middle of the
Graveyard, there is a tomb that has another secret. Fall inside and defeat
the Zombie. Then, play the Sun's Song. A chest containing a heart piece
will appear.

8. Kakariko Village; Both Links; None - After you talk to the first Great
Fairy (At the top of Death Mountain) talk to the owl. He will give you a
ride to Kakariko Village, and you'll land on a roof. Use C-Up to look
around until you see an awning. Drop down and enter the door; the heart
piece is next to a cow. If you forget to do this, you can use the
Hookshot/Longshot to use this.

9. Hyrule Market; Young Link; Rupees & Bombs - Enter the Bombchu Bowling
Game. Keep winning until you recieve a piece of heart! (Keep in mind the
Bomb-Bag Upgrade is in here, too!).

10. Goron City; Young Link; Bombs - Light a Deku Stick on fire as a
torch in Darunia's room. Run out and light the torches around the
bottom level of the city. The Statue will start spinning. Run to the
top and throw a bomb inside, you will recieve a piece of heart!

11. Gerudo Valley; Young Link; None - There is a chicken before the
bridge. Pick it up and fly through the waterfall to your right. There
is a secret area. If you miss, don't sweat it...there is a ladder you
can climb up as well.

12. Hyrule Field; Young Link; Bombs - After you get heart piece #10,
follow the water's current into Lake Hylia. From here you can exit Lake
Hylia out onto Hyrule Field. In the fenced-in area, throw a bomb in the
upper-right quadrant. Drop into the hole and defeat the Deku Scrub
for the chance to buy the Heart Piece for 10 rupees.

13. Fishing Pond; Young Link; Rupees - Catch a 10 pound fish or bigger
in the Fishing Pond as a child.

14. Gerudo Valley; Young Link; None - Run back to Gerudo Valley. There
is a crate on a small ledge opposite the waterfall. Grab the chicken
again and jump off the ledge. Force the controller forward and left.
You need to hit a small cliff on the other side of the valley.

15. Zora's River; Young Link; Bombs - Take the Chicken from the beginning of
Zora's River and travel up the river avoiding the Octoroks. Throw the
chicken on the ledge near the fallen log (with the frogs) and climb up
after it. Jump down on the left side of the big pillar and climb the
ladder. Grab the next chicken and use it to fly down to the ledge with
the heart; jumping on the same land bridge as the Gossip Stone is on.

16. Zora's River; Young Link; Bombs - Take the Chicken from the beginning
and head to the waterfall at the end of Zora's River. Turn around as you
reach it, and climb up the land bridge nearest to the heart. You can now
jump off the ledge and grab the piece of heart.

17. Zora's Domain; Young Link; Ocarina & Deku Stick - Torches are located
around Zora's Domain. Light them quickly starting with the one that is lit
near the shop, than run down, light the one in the circle of stones, run
to the path and light the one by the shop, re-light the one by the stones,
and run into the waterfall, light those two as well. A chest will appear
giving you another heart piece!

18. Zora's River; Young Link; Ocarina - After playing five of the
songs on the upper row (Excluding the Song of Storms) on the subscreen,
you will be asked to play a "Bug-Catching" Game. Use the C-Buttons to
make the frogs jump. I recommend you write it down as you advance.

19. Kakariko Village; Adult Link; Hookshot - After getting the hookshot,
head back to the village and shoot up to the roof near the man sitting
on it. He will give you a piece of heart as a "memento."

20. Kakariko Graveyard; Adult Link; Bean Platform - Buy a Magic Bean
from the "Pig" at the beginning of Zora's River. Come back as an
adult to levitate up. Smash the box and take the Heart Piece.

21. Lake Hylia; Adult Link; Bean Platform - After planting a bean near
the corner of the Lakeside Laboratory, jump on as an adult and ride it
up the the roof. Climb up the ladder and get the heart piece on top!
You can also use Pierre (Scarecrow's Song) here.

22. Death Mountain; Adult Link; Bean Platform - Buy Magic Beans from
the "Pig" at Zora's River when you're little. Don't forget to put a
bug into the soft soil before you plant so you can defeat a Gold
Skulltula. Come back when you are older, step on the plant, and leap
off the ledge to get it.

23. Zora's River; Young Link; Song of Storms - Stand on the tree stump
near the fallen log upon your journey to the top of Zora's River.
Play the "Song of Storms" to recieve a heart piece. After you beat the
Forest Temple, you will be allowed to become small again.

24. Death Mountain Crater; Adult Link; Bean Platform - On the wall
to your right, you can jump on the magic bean "platform" and then
hookshot down to collect the heart piece.

25. Death Mountain Crater; Adult Link; Bean Platform - Jump onto
the Magic Bean "platform" and jump off to the crater to pick up
the Heart Piece.

26. Zora's Fountain; Adult Link; None - After you get past Zora's
Domain as an adult, you'll notice everything is frozen over. Jump
from platform from platform to get the heart piece on the right side
of the map.

27. Ice Cavern; Adult Link; Blue Fire - Use blue fire and open the
other Red Ice panel with the "fan" in it. Use more blue fire to melt
the heart piece stuck inside one of the red ice blocks.

28. Zora's Fountain; Adult Link; Iron Boots - After you get the Iron
Boots and Zora's Tunic, put them on and drop to the bottom of the
center of Zora's Fountain. At the bottom is a piece of heart.

29. Hyrule Field; Adult Link; Iron Boots - To the right of the
Castle (after exiting it) there will be many, many trees (to the left
of the wall). Follow it, and walk near the tree away from the others.
Drop a bomb and fall into the hole. Put on the Iron Boots (you can do
it without the Zora's Tunic) to drop in and pick up the heart piece.

30. Lakeside Lab; Adult Link; - Use the Golden Scale to dive to
the bottom of the Dive Pool in the Lakeside Laboratory. You can't use
the Iron Boots, however. While you are down there, smash the crate
with the iron boots and get the Skulltula Coin! After you beat the
Water Temple, you will be allowed into the Fishing Pond as an adult.

31. Kakariko Graveyard; Adult Link; Longshot - Go into Dampe's Tomb
after you receive the Hookshot. Race him again and finish in under 1
minute to recieve a heart piece.

32. House of Skulltula; Both Links; 50 Coins - Around now you should
have 50 Gold Skulltula coins. Talk to the person inside and he will
reward you with a heart piece.

33. Hyrule Market; Young Link; Lens of Truth - Use the Lens of Truth
and "cheat" in the Treasure Chest Game. You will recieve a Piece of
Heart. You will be able to get the Lens of Truth after you beat the
Bottom of the Well.

34. Gerudo Fortress; Adult Link; Hookshot/Scarecrow's Song - When you
are searching to free the carpenters, look on the roof above the jail
(near there). There is a treasure chest. Fire the Longshot at it and
find another piece of heart. You can use Pierre with the Hookshot.

35. Gerudo Fortress; Adult Link; Gerudo Card, Bow, Epona - After you
get the Gerudo Training Card, head back and get Epona. Ride her along
the right wall of the fortress and you can go into the Archery Range.
Score 1,000 points or better (it's a cinch) and you win the piece of

36. Desert Colossus; Adult Link; Bean Platform - Plant a seed into the
ground near the entrance to the Spirit Temple (Use Requiem of Spirit).
Come back as an adult and fly up to get the piece of heart.

Turn Butterflies Into Red Fairies
As Young Link, find some butterflies, then take out a stick and follow them until one touches it, then it will turn into a red fairy you catch it in a bottle or touch it to be healed.

Secret Fishing Lure
A secret fishing lure appears randomly around the fishing pond. This lure goes deeper into the pond

Vandalism Pays
In the Courtyard of Hyrule Castle on the far walls surrounding the Courtyard there are windows. The window on the right has pictures of Mario, Yoshi, and others. Shoot that window with the slingshot, and you will get a red rupee. Don't shoot the window with the plant in it though unless you want a bomb thrown at you.

Infinite Money
Enter your name as morup, then after you receive a gold rupee you will get unlimited money.

Use any item while on Epona
At the end of the game when you fight Ganon, he will knock the master sword from your hands. At this point, save the game, then reset. When you start again inside Ganon's Castle, walk out into Hyrule Field and get on Epona. You can now use any item set to the C buttons even though they are not displayed.

Getting more Skulltulas
When you are a kid and you go to Hyrule Castle, there is a tree near where Talon was sleeping. If you have a rumble pak and the stone of agony, you will feel a rumble near this tree. When you first discover this tree, don't enter the underground room yet. Wait until you have a boomerang and learn the Song of Storms (so, when you're an adult). Once you know the Song of Storms, go back in time so you're a kid again, then go into the Castle and play the Song of Storms to enter the hidden room. Now, defeat the Gold Skulltula in here, then use your boomerang to collect the token, but, before your boomerang gets back to you, you must get onto the warp to take you back to the surface. If the cheat has worked, you should be able to go back into the hidden room and the skulltula is still there, even though you got it before.

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