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mr monkey hat
gooooo mega puffs

this is deditcated to that guy who neve rshowers and smeells really bad cause and makes me look way better than him by comparion. n one drink dasani im seuing i found a fish in my water dreank him and i think he bite off my tonsils....beware the tuna tonsil, poppin fresh just like the doughboy
oooooo my pilsburry y is ur food so hairy ooooo my tell me y this is so chewy for its nothing more than a straaaaawberrrrrrrryyyyyy
oooooo my pilsbury ys my ocokie taste like chutney ooooo my pilsbury those halloween cookies r so scary ooooooooooo yo soy da doughboy stay away from sara lee cause she is a gay trust me i saw it with my onwn eyes chompin down on some real prize pies o me o hostess ur a homo im puckoin up my peices off my last bad ho ho still im eatin all ur twinkies all tyough they r so dinky so just let me state that ur tryin to confanscate for something wya down donstairs and it may come in pairs unless u ate a iznger u uniballed hostess head case........sorry hostess i was jk im sure u got a lot a lotta snow balls.....y did u make those pink seriusly what r u gonna do next wrap it in a purple scarf and cal it snowballs the taste off liberache.
by captain cruton and the cantalope kings
i think the sexiest thing nature ever made was the spider cause ther like natues original supermodel all they do is make there husbands get food for them till they over eat and there husbands dont wanna so they eat there mate....... awwwww girkls killing the ugys who love them they ithnk there people.... plus theyve got those sxy leas

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