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NiCoLeZ PaGe

BiG up 2 MaH GurLz In L-A-G
CuZ In ThE SuMMa TiMe ItZ U I DoNt C
EvEn ThO We SkOoL Up In N-Y-C
BrOOkLyN FeVa ToOkA HoLdA Me: HoLLa!!
HoWzA BoUtZ ThE lag GuRlZ SoOn 2 B

MaH BoYZ, MaH ThUgZ No FriLLz KiSSEs Or HuGz
LuNcH GaNgStErZ FoR ReAL PaYiNa QuArTeR 4a GhEtto MeAL
FLiPPeN BeAtZ SpIttIn RhYmeZ...ALL Ov us hAd GooD TyMeZ
No GuRLz ArE ALLowED.. IM 1 Of The guYZ N IM PrOuD!!

Kristine- where would i be without a friend like you?
you keep me from exploading when my face is turning blue. you've been there for me constantly from our younger years at BAY, and continue giving great advice to this very day. i no we dont have class together so talking as died down, but you're the only friend i have from bay that stuck around. now you're a cheerleader.. but i will forgive you, only becase there are alot worse things that you could be going through(lol). from mr chaves' room to current joggers at the beach, thanks for always being there, never out of reach!! *krissy pissy* *$dollars$*

MoLLy- Always only up the block, can't get more convenient. you're the only reason that my mom is sometimes lenient. you're so carefree, and open. you're always by my side. lord knows you are the numberone person in which i can confide. your secrets are safe with me n im open for advice. if you need a favor.. you won't havta ask twice. you've been there since pre-k, and i know you'll always be... my best friend forever, and only a block away from me!!! *MoLLy McBuTTer* *MoLLy HoLLy WoLLy* *MoLly DoWN ThE BlOCk*

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