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-x- Hey welcome!! I want to tell u about my best friend..... My best friend is ANTHONY W. he is the coolest person alive. We do everthing togeher. This shout out goes to him.
this shout out gose out to the coolest person in the world... when i first meat him 9 years ago i thought he was going to be just anther dumd boy. but when i grew up i relized he was not just a dumb boy. we go on family trips together and we have so much fun. this will be his last year coming on trips.... we have the bestes times ever when u live i will miss u when we go on trips it will never be the same with out u!!!!! the best time was on the cursise also when we were on the curise i liked when we meat these people and then we sunk into the R reated comidy show. this year is going to be the best curise ever since its your last year... just want to say
GOOO LUCK IN COLLAGE!!!!!!!!! we will miss in commack and i will miss your louad MUSIC blasting at 10:00 at night. this shout out goes to my other best friend that is going to collage i will mis u sssssssssoooooooooo much call me

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