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*~*~*~*Hope's Homepage*~*~*~*
Enjoy the page!!

Hey people!! whats up? notta lota here!!newayz, I hope you enjoy my homepage!!
newayz...i suppose that you wanna hear a little bout me, huh? well, i am 15 years old, i go to bossier high, i am in the 10 grade well,ill be going to the 10 grade but same diff lol i have blonde hair, blue/green eyes, im bout ummmm...5'2, i have a tan, and i weigh like bout ummm...100 lbs.
now, in all my homepages i like, HAVE to give all my friends a shoutout, so here goes...
i wanna say hey to all my friends, my babyboy scooter, I LOVE YOU!!, jackie, hey girl!! whats up? b~f~f~l!!, manion, marsha,jenny, whats up? lol

Here's a poem that I wrote esspecially for my babyboy, scooter
*~*For Scooter*~*
Whenever I look look into your pretty golden eyes,
I know that in you is where my heart lies,
We will always be together untill the very end,
Untill into heaven we ascend,
I love you so much that it hurts inside,
Forever and always by your side I will abide,
Forever and always you will stay in my heart,
We will never part,
Whenever I look into your prety golden eyes,
I know that in you is where my heart lies.

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