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Boxers Rule
Boxer dogs are very sweet

The ancestors of the Boxer dog were known since the 16th century. It was however, due to selective breeding by Georg Alt, in the 1880s Munich, Germany that produced the beginnings of the Boxer breed. Breeding a small Bullenbeiser bitch to a local Bullenbaiser dog, both of which were mastiff type dogs now extinct, produced a parti colored dog subsequently bred to an English Bulldog. That breeding produced a male and female. The male was shown and later on became the first Boxer dog entered into the German Stud Book. The sister, a white dog, produced a daughter, Meta von der Passage. Most Boxer dogs today trace their heritage back to this bitch. Today, white puppies are often born, but are not acceptable according to the breed standard which recognizes fawn and brindle colors only. The head of the Boxer dog, of utmost importance, has become more refined in Britain and North America than its European counterpart.
Dog: 65-80 lbs. (29.5 - 36.4 kg).
Height: 22-25 in. (57-63 cm) at withers.
Bitch: 50-65 lbs. (22.7-29.5 kg).
Height: 21-23 in. (53-60 cm) at withers.
Watchdog: Good.
Protection: Good.
Life Expectancy: 8 - 10 years.
It is a medium size dog, square built, of good substance, short back, strong limbs, well developed muscles. The gait is energetic, the stride free and ground covering, the carriage proud. Instinctively a guard dog, his bearing is alert, dignified self-assured. With family and friends, his temperament is playful, patient, stoical and loving of children. It is wary with strangers, exhibiting curiosity but, most importantly, fearless courage if threatened. Grooming a Boxer pup or adult just requires periodic brushing, and for exercise, good daily walk. The intelligence and loyal affection, willingness to learn, make him a desirable companion. Obedience training is worthwhile for your young Boxer puppy as an untrained Boxer pup can become unruly.

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