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Brittany's page
Hey this is my page so check it out!!

Stevie-You are a great friend and at one time you was a great boyfriend too!
Nick-What can I say about Nick?? lol your alsum and a really funny person.
Tiffany-Your the best cousin anyone could ask for. I know I can always talk to you when I need to and I really love ya for it!
Lauren-You are one of the most happy-go-lucky people I know and dont ever change for anyone!
Tyler-We have been friends since pre-school and we have had our fights, but you have always been there for me and I love ya for it!
Travis-Even though we didn't work out I know we could still be the best of friends. ;)
Megan-You are sooooo funny and every time I need a laugh I'll give you a call :)
Desiree-your soo crazy gurl,but its cool! lol
Brittany S.-We are gonna have so much fun together when I can drive!!! lol. We are gonna be in soo much trouble! LYLAS:)
Chris-Your the bestest friend anyone could ever have and you are always there for me.. Love ya!!
Lisa-Gurl your a really alsum person and a great friend stay that way!
Cari-Your a good friend stay that way Luv ya gurl!!
Majed-Your a great friend and your always there when I need ya..Stay that way! luv ya :)
Jayci-Your alsum gurl don't ever change $Bling Bling lol luv ya gurl!!
Justin-Your a cool person and a great friend stay that way! :)

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