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~!~Whats up my homies~!~
A lil bout ME

Hey guys what up here is a lil bout me and my life.
I'm in cheerleading and basketball,my favorite things to do are talkin on the phone or hangin out wit my friends.
I have a lot of friends and I want to shout out to all my gurls,Alliosn,Kayala,Nat,Meagan,Sam,Steph,Amanda,Erin,Kell,Missy.
Npw im gonna shout out to all my guys,Nolan(love you baby),AJ,Blake,Drew,Adam,Nico,Matt,Jake(my bro),Jordan,Andrew,Jesse,Gage,Derek M,Derek D. and Eric and Keegan

I'm funny smart outgoing and pretty i have alot of friends as u can tell and i want it to stay that way!!!

Email: Brooke

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