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Welcome To My Life

Wotz Da deal this is a page about me, it has a little sample of wot im like and all YA KNOW!!
Age: 17
fav music: reggae rnb rap/hiphop
fav food: sweet n sour chicken
height: 6'1"
hobbies: sports writin poetry collectin bellz chillin wit friends
dislikes: liars, pork, fake ppl, some pop, some rock, boyz
likes: girlz, girlz, girlz, sports, cookin
General: Im a laid back girl i play sports for school im a b+ student i have a gf yea thats rite a gf im not really into guyz like i use to be, if u want to get to know me im coo wit dat im into meeting new pplz YOU KNOW!!

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