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This is my homepage

GoT Ya LiFtEd, sHiFtEd, HiGhEr tHaN tHe cEiLiNg N OhH WeE iT's dA UlTiMaTe fEeLiNg SuGa, SuGa hOw'D u GeT sO fLy
Stop drop KABOOM baby!
Uhn...Ay Dirty!
3 6 9 standing real fine GeT LoW! 2 dA WiNdOw 2 Da WaLL!
It's a HOTEL PARTY!. Chillen in da Holidae inn!
I'll show ya magic
Wana get Dirtay

Matt Tower- Aww your so hot! lol and wicked cool, love to hook up with ya. I LOVE YOU MATTTTTTT! lol
Brian Ingalls- We'll try again sometime! Your a cutie too. I LOVE YOU BRIAN!!!! lol
Mike Barry- Your so funny lol, I think you like me TOOOO much lol
Chad Spencer- Your cool hey pretty lady lol thnx
Taylor Shipley- Hey short man! lol your cool dont change

Email: Callie

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