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Character Concepts

This concept is best built on a pre-existing history for your character that you create before entering them into play.
Alot of people create characters without giving thought as to who that character truely is. These characters tend to come across as weak, unrealistic or prone to multiple personalities so alot of other characters will avoid them. Below you can find some examples of concepts:
The Pure Heart
This character is bold, daring and always ready to stand up for others who can't and play the hero. They are slow to temper, quick to react but never head into a situation without the best of intents.
The Runaway
This character can be either devious or timid. They know how to survive and handle themself without the help of others. Shying away from most social circles, this character has been known to live a two faced life with self-preservation being on the top of their priority list.
The Hermit
This character is wise, but rarely seen. They dedicate much time to studies of skills or lore. What circumstances brought them to shun most of society is their knowledge and their knowledge alone. Not quick to make friends, the hermit has been known to be either vindictive or a gentle soul.

Now once you've constructed a concept for your character ask yourself the following questions:
What brought them to their current point in life?
What was their childhood like?
Did they come from a proper family? If so what was their role in that family unit?
What events happened in their past to make them they way they are?
Note that you do not have to go by these paticular concepts. As long as your character has a base foundation of history, you're good to go. Otherwise, if you're just playing a character for time-being who's not going to be RPed later in the future, then there's no need to come up with a history.
Once you can answer those questions concerning your character you are now on the way towards creating an individual who will peek the curiosity of those they encounter.
Character BIOS
A character BIOS consist of the varying degree of information about your character, primarilly those things that would be visiable to other players or general knowledge. The information generally included is:
Eye/Hair Colour
Misc Information

A BIOS also generally includes an image file of your character to everyone can see how these elements of your character work on the whole.
The misc information heading is for all those little tid-bits of information you might be proud of your character for such as awards or character quirks like a missing limb or lisp.
Some people go so far as to include detailed information such as skill levels or kill lists.
Now, awareness of your surroundings isn't the only awareness you need to have. Be aware of everything, build it up as an image in your head as you go, a scene from a movie or a picture. Ask yourself questions with each new situation:
How tall is everyone involved?
Am I staring up or down at someone?
What can I use in my defense?
How close is my character to a certain item?
How close are they to an exit?
If my character can fly, are there windows or ledges?
Always be aware of these things. It's a key factor to gaugeing the strength of interactions. If you're character is small but your opponant is big, bear in mind you'll be quicker but if they injure you the damage is increased because they possess ample power above your own and your frame isn't as sturdy as theirs.
Another reason awareness is key, is to ensure your RPs don't fail. Even non-player character (NPCs) must be taken into consideration. A guard is a guard for a reason, would you challenge a poilice officer in real life? So why is it your character can cut through them like grass? You didn't create the NPCs so you must give extra consideration to them as you could just as easilly leave them be as abuse someone elses creation.

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