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TimeSplitters2 Story mode easy

Welcome to my site! Here you will get tips on arcade league ( all 3 leagues), story mode easy and normal, challenges, unlockables and secrets. Feel free to email me about any questions. I can most likely help you. If you want to use my information for your webpage, just email me and I'll probably
say yes. But if you don't ask first, you will regret it, I swear
because I have sworn to get revenge on any who have betrayed me.
My friend Richard Halloran says that lost kingdoms 2 is better than TimeSplitters 2 but here's my thought Richard: Buzz off. Lost kingdoms 2 STINKS! My best friend Brennan Radosevich is as good at TimeSplitters 2 as me, a little better I'll admit,but my webpage is better than any webpage he ever had.

Right let's get started with story mode.
Story Mode (easy) will help get you better at playing and finding secrets. It has a 10 level set. Each level has a couple of objectives to face. Good luck!

1.Level 1: Siberia 1990
Weapons abailable: Silenced pistol, sniper rifle, Soviet S47
Objectives: Deactivate the communications dish, investigate the secret digging site, retrieve the time crystal,destroy the Bio-Hazard container at the digging site and escape through t
e time portal.This doesn'tinclude secondary objectives,neither does any other of them, so don't email me saying that I left out a few objectives).

All right. You start out in a tunnel. There is a silenced pistol and a sniper rifle in front of you. Collect them both.You will see a couple of people in front of you. Don't let them see you. Take out your sniper rifle and zoom in (R) on the one walking right by the gate. Shoot him in the head. Next there is a security camera. Take out your sniper rifle again and shoot it in the green area. Now (last time you will need the sniper rifle) Go back and find the white guy. Do the same as the other guy. Now take out your silenced pistol and kill the girl in front of you. Ok that's it for bad guys(for a little while).now go up the stairs right where you killed the white guy. Open the door (A). Go to the end and flip the green switch you see. Now go back out and you will see boards that are laying down. Walk to the end of the one on the right and jump in the hole. Take the timed mines on the shelf. Go back up those stairs again. Take the timed mines and throw one on the dish on top of that building.
Deactivate the communications dish: COMPLETE!
All right now go down those stairs and go forward until you see more stairs going down. Go down them and into the giant building . Then go up the stairs you see. (This level has alot of stairs, so does every other level except Space Station). Keep going up. After the second flight of stairs there will be a steam gauge. Hold down B and walk against the wall so you don't lose any health. Now you can let go B and stop ducking. Now back to bad guys. Two flights of stairs after the steam there will be an enemy. Take your silenced pistol, aim carefully and let a rip. Two more flights of stairs after that there is another bad guy. Except this one is facing the other way so you can just punch them in the back. So two more flights of stairs and you're finally done climbing stairs. Now you see people. One again, get out your sniper rifle and kill the one you see. Then go in the doorway . You will see a shelf. It contains the Soviet S47 and some armor. collect both.( You can't collect the boxes). Turn left and you will see a wheel. Spin it. It will say "Steam pressure at 66 percent". Go Back out , turn to your left and go. While walking, look for 2 more doorways. Turn the wheel. The second one will say "Steam pressure at 33 percent," and the last one will say "Steam pressure at 0 percent". Now you can walk through that area without getting steamed also. Now you are about to go down the stairs just like going up. Yep, stairs do get annoying to me too.Keep going down. On the second flight down there is a bad guy. Kill him. Two more flights down there is another enemy. Kill her too. This is just like the ones up, except there is no steam gauges. Finally you are down. You see the door closed. Go right up against it and turn right. You will see a button. Press it. The door will then open. You can go either the long way or the short way. I would go the short way for 2 reasons: 1 obviously, it is shorter and 2 there is a security camera the long way. You will meet an enemy either way. Kill the closest one first. Then turn left. Go straight. You will see another enemy. Kill him. Turn left until you see the door. Open it, obviously. Go in and turn to the left. Kill the bad guy. Go to the stairs. You will notice a red button at the top of the stairs. Should I press it? DEFINITELY NOT! It is a trick! If you press it an alarm will go off and people will ambush you! So don't press it. Anyway, go down the stairs and turn to your right. You will see a door. You can go in it if you want, but all that is in there is a shower. Boring. Now turn to your right again. You will see another door. In it is some armor. You may want to go in it if you've been hit since you got the last armor.Well now that you're out go forward and kill the white guy. But beware of the security camera on the wall on the other side of the room. You will see more stairs. Go down them. Be careful there are three enemies in that room. One on top ofthe high stairs, one white guy on the ground and one of them at the top of the other stairs. When you have killed them all go up the stairs at the far right of the room. Go inside it. You will find another green switch. Switch it and a big brown door will open. Go back down the stairs and into the room. There are zombies in here. They are hard to kill unless you hit them in the head. You will see three doors.The center one is locked. The first one has armor and grenades. The last one has more timed mines. Go down and you will see zombies on the ground. Once you are there it will say: Investigate the secret digging site COMPLETE!
Now the zombies get off the ground. Hit them in the head to kill them fast. You will see a giant container in front of you. Throw three timed mines on it. Get back to avoid the explosion.
Destroy the Bio Hazard Container COMPLETE!
New objective: Escape through the Time Portal
To do this just go back up the digging place and you will see the time portal. Run right through it.
Escape Through the time portal COMPLETE
Level Complete
Congragulations. You have the hang of story mode now. Wooptydoo.
Now I'll help you on objectives that you don't get.

2. Level 2: Chicago 1932
Weapons available: Slenced luger, Vntage rifle and Tommy gun
Objectives: Prevent Big Tony's brother from escaping, renezevous with your informat, protece Marco as he returns from hideout, eliminate Big Tony ,retrieve the time crystal and obtain the nightclub password

Now you start out on an odd balcony. Go forward and turn to the left. Look down. You will see an enemy and some sniper ammo. Jump on the building and get the ammo. Put away all weapons. Now go up and punch the guy in the back before he turns around. Now turn around and go forward. You'll find some stairs. Go up them. You will see an enemy. Kill him with your silenced luger.
Now go up the stairs and look through the window. You will see a guy standing there. Take your vintage rifle out, zoom in on his head and kill him. Now turn to the right, go forward then go left. You will see some stairs going down. Go down them. Now silently and stealthily put all weapons away, go the way on the right. There will be an enemy at the doorway. Punch him in the back, just like the beginning. Now go outside. You will hear a phone ringing. Pick it up. It will say "Hey there it's Marco, meet me at the newspaper den down the main street". Now turn to your right. Look hard, and you will see a guy with a Tommy gun. Take your vintage rifle out and do the same thing you do to every other bad guy. You know, snipe. Go over and take the Tommy gun. Now turn to the left and go. A car should come out. Shoot in until it smokes. Then it should crash.
Prevent Big Tony's brother from escaping COMPLETE!
Ok one objective down. Now go forward until you're by the wall. Then collect the items. Armor, Tommy gun ammo , sniper ammo and pistol ammo. Ok now turn arount halfway around and go down the street. Turn right unlil you get to the newspaper stand. Then turn left. You should see Marco. Go and stand by him.
Rendezevous with your informat COMPLETE! Now protect Marco from the gangsters everywhere he walks. He will go into s building if you follow him. There is a pass on the table. pick it up.
Obtain the nightclub password COMPLETE!
Now get out of the building and take the road on the right. There will be a couple of enemies, but just kill them with your Tommy gun. You should spot the gate. Go up to it and press A to open it. There will be two more bad guys. Kill them both. Go into the building you see. Right when you're iside turn to the left and go into the hallway. Now go into the hallway on the right and then go to the left again. It should be a brown hallway. Go to the bottom and open the door. Then kill the enemy. Jump down and if you want armor it is right by the stairs. Anyway once you're down the stairs turn until you see a doorway. Go into it. There is a bad guy when you're there. Kill him. Stand on him when he's dead and turn until you find a little space behind some glass. Go into it and get the tommy gun x2. Sorry I didn't say that in the weapons available list at the beginning. Anyway, go back out again and turn until you see a red area. Go into it. A guy will surprise you as you come in. Kill him. Then go in, turn left then go forward then turn right. You should see a hallway. Go into it and go up the pair of stairs. When you enter the room you should hear Big Tony screaming "Fenton get the **** out of my club!" Go and keep shooting him until he's dead.
Eliminate Big Tony COMPLETE!
The time crystal should be some where forward from where he died. Collect it.
Retrieve the time crystal COMPLETE!NEW OBJECTIVE: Escape through the time portal.
The time portal is right at the bottom of the double staircase you came up. Go through it and...........

3. Level 3: Notre Dame
Objectives: Rescue the Maidens,Defeat the Portal Daemon, Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame, Eliminate Jaque de la Morte, retrieve the time crystal and escape through the time portal
Weapons available: Shotgun, luger pistol and luger pistolx2

Let's Start
You start out in a hallway. Go forward and turn right, then turn left. Remember, even though the zombies on this level aren't as hard to kill as the ones in Siberia, it still helps to shoot them in the head. When you get out there are three zombies. One of them is already up and ready to attack when you enter the hallway. The other two don't get up until you're next to them. Now go forward and look left at the same time. So kinda strafe I guess until you spot a small room. Go in it. There will be one zombie on the floor in it. Kill it. Now at the end of it you will notice a giant lever on the right side of the room. Pull it. Then exit the room and then turn and go left. You will enter a giant room with one zombie already standing up. It will see you right away and attack. Right away, that is. Kill it then go into the sewer on the bottom. Keep going until you are right against the bars. If you turn left you will find another lever. Pull it and the bars will open. Go through them. Then go up the stairs you find. There will be some armor so you can grab that. Turn right and you will see a doorway. Before you go through it, let me remind you that there is a zombie standing right by the doorway so you can kill it very carefully. Then you go up the stairs. When you least expect it, a zombie will appear up the stairs. Kill it then go up the next flight of stairs. You will enter a room full of metal barrels of blood. When you are almost to the end of it there will be an explosion and flaming zombies come out. Be careful not to touch one. If you do then you should restart it. Then go in where they came out of, turn to the left and you should see the first chained maiden. When you reach the top a crypt zombie will appear right in front of you plus another one will already be standing there waiting for you. When the zombies are dead, go to the maiden and press A. After that it should say 2 maidens remaining.then turn a quarter turn left and go a little ways then turn right and you will see the second maiden chained up. Then some zombies will appear. Kill them all then free the second maiden. It should then say 1 maiden remaining. Turn to the right a little. Then you should see a doorway there. Go in it and up the stairs. Then you will be in a huge room. Go about halfway across then turn left and you will see some benches, a table a the end with the time crystal and a couple of undead priests. Kill them and then get the time crystal at the end. Then turn halfway around and keep going forward. You will see another undead priest so kill him. Collect the armor if you need it then go to the right and up the spiral staircase. Keep going until you are at the top. Then you kill the undead priest and pull the rope. The third and last maiden which is tied up to a rope really high up will be lowered down. Go back down and out to the maiden. The Hunchback should come out. Sometimes for me he doesn't but he usually does. Now you and The Hunchback ( if he comes) have to protect the maiden from the zombies. Once you have killed all the zombies the Hunchback( once again if he comes) says a couple words of thanks. Then go forward until you are off the tiles and then go left through the door that the Hunchback came in through. Go up the spiral staircase until you are at the top again and then yoou will see a wooden cross. Go to the end of the hall there and then you shound then be fighting the portal Daemon. If you are out of shotgun ammo then go the other side and collect the box of shotgun shells. Then you just keep shooting the portal Daemon until he's dead and then the bars on the opposite side where you came in will be open. Go through then open the door and you will be outside. Once out here you will be facing some undead priests and a scourge splitter plus Jaque de la Morte himself. The insane moron. When you are close to the end a voice should say "You can never kill me!". Then you will see him. Kill him.
Eliminate Jaque de la Morte COMPLETE! Now turn around and go back and you should see the time portal. As regularly, go through it.
4. Level 4:Return to Planet X 2280
Objectives: Repel the beach attack, locate the crashed UFO, fight off the raid off the crashed UFO, retrieve the time crystal and escape through the time portal
Weapons: Scifi Handgun, plasma autorifle and homing launcher(Requires all three parts and homing rockets)

Let's get started
You start out in the middle of a UFO attack so go ttraight forward as fast as you can, collect the scifi handgun and jump in the hole. Now go forward some more.You will meet an alien. Kill it. Then turn a quarter right and go forward until you find a weapon part. Then turn left down the path and look up. You will see an alien sniping at you. Aim carefully then kill. Then keep going forward and you will fall into another hole. Turn around and you will find some armor. Collect it and go out into the field. Now you will have to fight off the beach attack. You should go to one of the gun turrets and use it to kill as many aliens as possible. If you're getting hurt but can't see them, which has happened to me before, they are probably right behind you. Once you have repelled the attack a screen will pop up and show some laser bars disappearing. Go to the edge then turn around and you will see a tunnel or whatever them dorks call it.Go to it and an alien with no weapon will walk out. This one will not kill you so don't waste time and ammo trying to kill it. There is a skinny tunnel right in that cave in somewhere. Then when you find it and you will see some very odd flying bugs. Throw some plasma grenades by each group of them and then you have to find a different tunnel in the wall somewhere. When you're in it you can find some armor. Grab it and get out on the field. Go under the UFO and wait for a blue portal to appear. When it does go into it and you will appear in the UFO. Then you have to find some glass that you can get into. Then the crystal is in behind the window. When you grab it find that window again and get through that portal.

Level 5: NeoTokyo 2019
Objectives: Follow the hacker to the research lab, obtain the Hacker's password, Deactivate the TimeSplitter Machine, Eliminate the gang leader, retrieve the time crystal and escape through the time portal
Weapons available: Sicenced pistol, sniper rifle and SBP90 Machine gun

Now you start out at the top of a place. Sorry I don't know what to call it really. There is a girl right in front of you. You are probably thinking "oh how about I just kill her?", right, WRONG! Do not kill her becauce she is the hacker. You are supposed to follow her. If I were you I'd use my Temporal Uplink because there are some security cameras. When she goes down some stairs I recommend, unless you are an expert at stealth, to wait about 5 seconds when she is on the stairs. Then while she is walking you will see some weapons inside some glass. Don't bust it open until you can't see her in that area anymore. Then bust it open. But take back out your temporal uplink again. There will be a security camera so don't risk shooting it; just sneak by it. Then she will be by some more security cameras. So sneak by her. Then you will be in a sewer area . When you see her go down the ramp then wait until she is facing forward so she can't see you anymore. Then she will be going into some blue bars and a guard will be right behind her. Wait until they are both going forward. Then go in a little then turn left. Go in and get on the camera. Press A three times while on it. Then wait until the hacker comes in. Then you will have the password and you can go in to comlete the rest of the level. Now, finally you can get out your silenced pistol and kill the hacker. Then go up to the computer and type in the code. then the door at the top of the stairs should open. Go into it. You will see a couple of bad guys, or women I should say. Kill them both, then go into the locker room and open the two lockers you can. You will get a Machinegun in one of them, but I would save it for later if I were you. Go out and to the left, then go to the right. Then you should get a new objective: Deactivate the TimeSplitter machine.
Go to the right then you will see a door. Open it and you will be in a room. Then go to the right end of the room. You should see a switch. Pull it. Now take out your Machinegun. Go out of that room. You should see a girl dressed in red or whatever. You have to kill her. Now the blue bars will open again. Keep shooting her until she's dead. She is cloaked or invisible so you will have to follow her path pretty hard. Once she is dead the time crystal will be right where she died. Pick it up. Then it should say "Time portal stabilized". So you leave the sewer and go up. Now you take that path right back up the road. Then you take a turn to the left and to the right. Finally you see the time portal. Run right into it.

6. Level 6:Wild West 1890
Objectives: Rescue Ramona from jail, put out the fire and rescue the girl, elininate the Colonel, retrieve the time crystal and escape through the time portal
Weapons available:Garret Revolver, Vintage rifle and gun powder

Now you start out in a small space. Go out and to the left and look up. There will be a guy. Take out your vintage rifle then kill him. Now there is a place you can get gun powder, but you don't need it so I'm not going to waste my time with that, sorry. Now anyway turn right and you should see an open doorway with no door. Go into it then when you're close to the end turn right. There is a sniper at the bell tower so you can kill him if you want, but I wouldn't bother because he is the worst sniper in all the story levels. So go out to the center and turn left. You will see a small space. There will be a giant cart with boxes on it. Hit it about four or five times and it should blow up. Now follow and protect Ramona until you're out. Then look to the right and you should see a giant opening. Go in and turn right. You should then get the new objective "Put out the fire and rescue the girl. First kill the people, then go up in the building she's in. Then look up and you will see some giant barrels. Shoot each one three or four times and the fire should go out. Then you go out and turn right and then turn left and right again. There will be a guy with a garret revolverx2. Kill him and now you should have twice the power. Go in and you will see another guy. Kill him. Now go into the mining tunnel. There will be a cart. Push it. Now it is going to go over the tracks. Just to the right of the spot of where you pushed it there will be some armor. Now Go out into the open and there will be a bunch of the Colonel's gang, plus the Colonel himself. When you enter You should hear him saying some of his crazy lines. He is going to sound a horn that sounds very much like an old
fashioned train. Once he sounds it alot of people are going to ambush you. Before you get the Colonel kill some of his men that are attacking you. Now once he's dead all's you got to do is get the time crystal. Kill everyone else first. Now go on the train tracks and the wood bars should be open if you pushed the cart. Now go to the very end and get the time crystal. Now it should say time portal stabilized. To escape it go out on the train tracks and jump when you are above ground. The time portal will be on one of the bridges. Go into it.

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