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Hey this is my gay web page its my first time makin one.
Crystal-I luv yew I didnt kno we could have so meny good times togetha sum(inside jokes)Smarties lol the screen eggs bordwalk the poems and raps lol and more hope we have more great times ly
Britt-we only new each otha for a lil time but we had fun ILY
Amanda-we have sum fun hope me u and crystal have more luv ya
Arielle-i knew u 4eva we have good times and neva fought luv ya
colleen-we knew each otha since 5th ur a good friend luv ya
Angel-we knew each otha for a long time and neva fought luv ya
mike-ur my bro and u been there 4 me no matta how long we fight and u hit me lol ill luv ya hope u always be there 4 me.
I have more friends if u want to be added just tell me luv ya

my b~day Graces b~day crystals b~day
apr 27th january 12th June 14th

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