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Mizz Trina make tha ballaz wanna starrr
Itz all about me

Hair~ Brown
Eyes~ Brown
Height~ 5'7"

Mama i love you!!!!!!My eagle eyrie crew (Brina,Tiffany,Brandon,Travis,Eric)yall know i love yall! Brittany,laura,anna,jenna.JASMINE u my gurl!joe,robert,ross,shawn hey yall. everybody at liberty i love yall!!!!!!

Quotes n' such
Where do dreams hide?
Maybe by your bedside.
Somewhere maybe you could see.
Or in the sky flying free.
Or far away in a foreign land.
Or under your feet beneath the sand.
Dreams are everywhere, you see.
They are in you and me.
Dreams are like clouds in the sky,
For you can reach them if you try.
And they will never leave a day,
For dreams unfilled will always stay

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