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diablo 20 21 22 and 23 style
diablo and u

Hi if you are not a fan of Diablo 1 or 2 then go beacause that is what this site is about!
On Diablo my name is bomboy20,bomboy21,bomboy22 or bomboy23 ill update my names if I get a new character and if I change my names/name.
When I get my Diablo 2 to work ill put those names up too but till then it is Diablo 1 all the way.
Now if you are looking for a good bot look for stealthbot it is a easy to use bot if you have any trouble with the bot e-mail me at
I can edit your character and dupe items for you but you have to be on at the same time as me and need to know what u want and ill do what i can.
Soceres,Warriors and Rouges who to choose?
I'll tell you who need a good bowswoman then go for the Rouge.
Like magic but can't get enough with the Warrior well easy then go for the Socerer.
Wanna beat up the demon in their own faces then grab a Warrior and start kicking but.
My favorite is the wizard because well the magic he know the best spells at the highest levels.
Still nothing on characters for Diablo 2 till i get it running.

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Email: bomboy22

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