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Ice Angel
Joy Chavez

To My Daddy, with all my love...

It wasn't this desolate place that led me here
Nor the glory that bewitches us all to want to dance
It wasn't the grace that enraptures those of our kind
Nor the tenderness that cradles us within its grasp

It was the glory that I found within my soul
To dance for you in this forsaken world
I needed its touch, a so called vice
That brought me here upon this heaven called ice

I'll turn my glory to gold just for you
I'll grace it with an embrace you've never known
I'll make it sing a beautiful melody
It will be one that is yours alone

When all is done and only the memory is upon the ice
I'll know that it was truly the grace in you
That brought forth the serenity of my dance
That made these blades shine, just for you.... Daddy!

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