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Special Kay Insider
A drugged Up sort of Mind

What's going on?!? Welcome to a new and improved site that's just crazy off the handle and will be recently updated. On this site, myself (Special Kay) and my dear close friend (Lextacy) will be more than happy to give some of that real true life advice kinda shit, inform you on crazy stuff in your area, and help YOU to meet new people (whether its dating, friends, or pen pals). Best of all we aren't those adult like stiffs, we are laid back and give the true story no lie kinda shit that the other people just don't want to deliver to you. Sound fun enough for you? Good shit! We can go over all sorts of other things too like how to make you a little bit cooler, clothing and make up tips from beauty to goth! For the fella's we can help you get that bitch who don't even know you're alive. So give us a try and even an email... at

Email: Special Kay

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