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So listen up!

What up what up! Finally got my own home page, so you know what that means, shoutouts for every one lol! And if your not in here and you wanna be (y wouldnt you?) then e-mail me or just im me. Aight then here we go......
To my bestest friend Nicole, i miss you like a fat kid misses cake after his birthday =/. I wish i was out there with you so we could hang out ......maybe, haha but seriously, im still only a phone call away, even if my phone bill does end up bein 700+ dollars, we'll just call it even =D.
To my coolest friend Emma, the only person in the world who might actually be cooler than me, maybe its those damn good looks of yours, who knows? =) Thx for your card, you dont know how much that meant to me. I cant wait to see you this summer so u better tell me when u comin!
To my funny buddy Allana, you and me go way back and ya know what, it good that some thing dont change, for instance: me bein more mature than you, lol. Im glad your still the same person thats mad ez and fun to talk to. Dont forget u have to invite me over for dinner, like it or not, your mommy said so, haha =P
To my kickass friend Heather, u wanted me to say mfuccer so there u go, lol j/k. Its so cool that we are still friend even though I moved, but I think it only because u know if you ever stopped talkin to me id have to come and kick YOUR ass =P
To my lover Mariela, who i love and who is madly in love with me! (and dont bother me about what i just said anyboby, i got permission to say it! lol) No but for real you are so cool to talk to, I mean I always knew that but between all your boy friends (relationship or not) and everyone else tryin to get your attention, its hard to get to talk to you one on one. Im glad we finally had the chance to now, and just look how long it lasted, you had me stayin up all night! I really hope we stay friends for a long time =)

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