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Holla....Livin Ghetto Fab
Shawty let yo self be seen ya heard?

Name: My name iz mary but my gurlz call me mur 4 fun
Hobbies:goin to tha mall n movies, hangin wit my gurlz, talkin to boiz, listen to music..rap, hip hop, n r&b, n play basketball

I wanna give some shout outs to..
val, monica, niki, ateara, stephanie, lauren, bre, dawnelle, donisha, max, pari, nick, darnell, lonnie, david, ryan, samone, jasmin, chelsea, esther, nellie, alyssa, jt, sammy, marcus, joe, brittany, n all my otha ppl who i didnt 4 get just aint feel lyke writin yo name n shout outs to all my family.

Email: Mary aka Mur

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