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yOo i GoTta WeBsITe HaH AiNt ThAt SuM BuLlShIt lOl
aNyWaYs .. hEreSz SuM ShoUtSz
Nina-you know your my girl and ill love you till i fuckin die your my tru best friend i dont know where the fuck i would be without you..your mom,dad,and chris all been there for me.I'll always be here for you no matter wat ily girl xoxo
VinCe-Well i guess you dont even want anything ta do with me and i really cant change that i cant make you "not" mad at me bc i know you wont get over it and i dont know how many times im gonna say sorry but i think this will be the last time you'll hear "im sorry" so i guess this might be it..if you dont want anything to do with me then thats fine but im sorry :-(
Rich & Alex-you guys make me laugh but you BOTH piss me off wen ya'll talk shit bout each other and wat makes it worse is that ur commin ta me bout it and i hate that lol but i still ly's
Jess & Steph0-You girls are great i had so much fun chillen with you girls -Jess me and you have became pretty close and i hope you and mike work out-Steph0 your funny as hell i hope we all get ta chill alot more xoxo

Bethany-you know i got ur bakk no matter wat I WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA ANY FUCKIN DIRTY ASS SMUTT THAT SAYS SHIT BOUT YOU OR ANY BULLSHIT THEY TRY TA PULL bc your my grl and i love you
i dunno anythinq else ta riqht

Amanda aint a slutt

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