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my small world of nothing
site of a freaky teenager

hey! my name is Hessian and I'm perfectly normal...

you believed that...poor sod...

anyway, my nickname is Hessian and I'm completely nuts.
I've been walking on this earth since Ceasar once said: i came, i tripped, and i was bloody lucky...far too long in other words.
This is my first atempt at making my own homepage, and it stinks.
I have absolutely no idea of how a computer works and I'm Belgian. Put those two things together and what do you have???
I don't know...*hits herself*

Okay, let's be serious for a while. I'm fourteen years old, i live in Belgium. I absolutely adore French Fries and I simply love kicking my cat. And I know that nobody is interested in this sh#t so i'll just say what i like and get over with it.

1. um...i'm so ashamed...i hope this is normal for teenagers, but...i 'm addicted to SLASH!!! *sob* slash is a relationship between males. First i liked Harry/Draco (Harry Potter) now i like...please don't kill me...maximus/commodus (Gladiator). I know, it's just not possible for those people to be together, but that's what makes the story so interesting!!! Please, please e-mail me to tell my that this is normal, or that i'm a freak and that i should kill myself while watching the bathtub scenes of 'From Hell'...

2. and that brings us to my next addiction....*dramatic music please*...Johnny Depp and his movies!!!!...Well, at least three of his movies. Sleepy Hollow (I simply adore the way he faints), From Hell (he is unbelievably cute!!!!)and last...Pirates of the Caribbean (the accent is hilarious :-D btw: orli is cute, but he's cuter when he plays Legolas)Anybody who saw these movies, great job!!! anybody who didn't...i don't know (again)
I love Sleepy Hollow the most: he's adorable when he does the thing with his cheeks!...and the Hessian Horseman is a bonus course...

3. you might have guessed this last one...Gladiator!!!! yep, yep....Gladiator!!!! yep, yep....Gladiator!!!! yep, yep....*to herself: you can shut up now* My name is Gladiator!!!! yep, yep...*goes hysterical* um...sorry...anyway. Commodus is my great hero in this movie: handsome, evil, young...played by Joaquinn Phoenix *wink wink* bwahahaha!!!!! erm...sorry...again...
It's a great movie, sweaty boys, swords, no erm... sex scene and it's still a great movie!!! did i mention the chains?

Ok, that was it. Still one last question: "PLEASE!!! IF ANYBODY KNOWS A SITE ABOUT MY ADDICTIONS!!! PLEASE TELL MEEEEEE!!!!!

thank you!!!

btw: avril lavigne you suck...
sum 41 rules!!!!
and the foofighters!!!!
and the all american rejects!!!!

and don't know how this thing works

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fanfiction all the way!!!! including slash...
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OMG...i absolutely adore tis site!!!!!

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