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*Jens site*

Hey here our some quotes and poems...hope ya all like em ...
:He means so much to me i just wish he knew
because when im around him the skys a different blue
and when he talks to me my knees begin to shake
the last thing i want is another heartbreak
if he would love me like i do
i could tell him that i will always be true
but when i try to talk i just dont know what to say
because i know he doesnt feel the same way:
_ I see mushy poems 'bout love and guys
how long will it be for u to realize
words on a screen won't get you a date
and if anyone can i can relate
don't keep your thoughts in your heart and your head
speak what you're thinking, be forward instead
you may be too scared afraid of rejection
but in the future it'll be a reflection
of your courage to say what you're feeling inside
the words that you spoke and chose not to hide_
: **I hate that u have no clue**
**About the way i feel for u**
**I hate the way we r just friends**
**And can't be nothing more**
**I hate the way u make me cry**
**And the way u act like i'm not even there**
**I have to say, this really isn't fair** :
//You make my heart flutter
you make my world spin
i think im in love now
your the best of all men
you make my eyes sparkle
you make me feel great
i would be so excited
for even one date
you're hot and sweet
you're perfect to me
my dreams are locked up
and you hold the key\\
*u sed u didnt luv me
i kno that its not true
u cant go on w/out me
or else ur life is blue
u sed that u didnt need me
i kno that its a lie
cuz if u didnt luv me
then i wouldnt cry*
Where do dreams hide?
Maybe by your bedside.
Somewhere maybe you could see.
Or in the sky flying free.
Or far away in a foreign land.
Or under your feet beneath the sand.
Dreams are everywhere, you see.
They are in you and me.
Dreams are like clouds in the sky,
For you can reach them if you try.
And they will never leave a day,
For dreams unfilled will always stay.
The People
The people who are there for me
The people who I want to see
The people who I can talk to
The people who will tell me ifi'm goin coo coo
The people who will help me when I cry
The people who will help me spy
The people who give me fashion advise
The people who will always act nice
These people are my friends you see
They will be there to the end with me

..:::My feelings for You:::..
My heart flutters,
My hands shake,
My feelings for you
are beyond heaven's gate,
Those feelings I have for
you are pure,
This I know for sure.
Without you I am incomplete,
Because your love for me is so sweet!!
My friends always told me
That you would make me cry
My friends always told me
That you would always lie
My friends always told me
That I will find some one new
But my friends never told me
My heart will always want you.
*~*Questions Unanswered*~*
Why don't he want me
Like he used to do?
Why don't he care for me
Like he always used to?
Why don't he Love me
Like he used to say he would?
Why don't he want me forever
Like I thought he could?
Why don't he want me
Like he used to ?.
Best friends forever!
We are always together and thats how it'll stay
For ever n ever in that way
She's there for me when i am down
I'm there for her and we clown around
She is always there for me
When i get a house she'll have a key
There are so many things weve been thru
Laughing and crying what best friends do
We are always by each others side
Forever that will stay until we die
Theres a way that it will always be
Together and me
*ThE nOt So PeRfeCt GuY~
If you ask me what i look for in a guy
I will say that i look for a guy who tryz
A guy who lives life and deals with what it brings
And not someone who will try to buy my luv wit diamond rings
Im not asking for the so called "perfect guy"
Just some who will be there for me if i need to cry
someone who will always care
someone who will lend a hand and will always be t
*Next time you question me,
I'll take it offensively.
No more bein nice,
you should've thought twice
about hurtin me.
*Ima make you feel like I do,
if it's even possible for you.
Cuz I don't think you care about anything..
and you're not even aware
of any of the pain you put me through.
I wish I could say I don't love you,
but that would be lying,
and that's something I won't do.
Cuz I wouldn't wanna end up bein like you!
*Oh how I wish I could see tears
seep through your eyes,
but even that wouldn't be enough
to cover up the lies
you kept from me.
to live is to love,
to love is to feel,
to feel is to hurt,
to hurt is to lose,
to lose is to hate,
to hate is to heal,
to heal is to change,
to change is to risk,
to risk is to love
Love is a risk everyone takes,
some of us win,
some of us lose,
it's a lottery of hearts,
you never know what to expect,
just keep playing the odds and pray for the best
As lovers sit beside each other
eye to eye they see
how meening full and full of love
each other shall always be
Love they say is to strong for words
and to strong to throw around
but nothing feels more like love
then listening to their hearts' which pound
Love is the most incredible feeling
one usually describes with sighs
you can feel the warmth and respect
when you look in to your lovers eyes
If Love should ever come within two hearts
their souls will colide into one
Then life will turn into a wonderful place
and seem there is good to be done
What happened?
Iím not sure
Everyone asks
I tell them I donít know
Every time I see you
You look right through me
Was something ever there to begin with?
Yes. No. I still canít let go.
I keep trying
But youíre locked in my heart
You took my breath away with your smile
You broke my heart with your silence
I wish you would talk to me
Just be a friend
Things have happened
And I needed someone to talk to
Thatís when I wish you were still there
Iím done trying to get something back thatís ove
r But Iím still here for you
-I'll be there-
*When no one is there for you*
*And you think no one cares*
*When the whole world walks out on you*
*And you think you're alone*
*I'll be there*
*When the one you care about the most*
*Could care less about you*
*When the one you gave your heart to*
*Throws it in your face*
*I'll be there*
*When the person you trusted*
*Betrays you*
*When the person you share all your memories with*
*Cant even remember your birthday*
*I'll be there*
*When all you need is a friend*
*To listen to you whine*
*When all you need is someone*
*To catch your tears*
*I'll be there*
* When your heart hurts so bad*
* You cant even breathe*
* When you just want to crawl up and die*
*I'll be there*
*When you start to cry*
*After hearing that sad song*
*When the tears just won't*
*Stop falling down*
*I'll be there*
*So you see I'll be there until the end*
*This is a promise I can make*
*If you ever need me*
*Just give me a call and...*
*I'll be there...*
I sit here and wonder if your really into me
Or if you just like what you see
Im not a stupid gurl
So don't play me for a fool
If you think im just along for the ride
Im not into that game
Im really beginning to like what i see in you
Im hoping maybe you like me too
*I wonder what I see in you*
*Then I look*
*And I know to love you, your more than just a clue*
*I look in your eyes*
*And I know you'll tell me no lies*
*Then I looked at you in a differant view*
*Thats when I saw the real you*
I Always Imagine Your Gentle Touch
If Only You Knew I Felt This Much
Not Being With You I'm Falling Apart
Cuz I Don't Know How To Get To Your Heart
If You Could Only See The Luv In My Eyes
Of All Those Nights I Sat And Cried
Just Look At Me I'm Standing Here
Just Call Out My Name And I'll Be There
How Long The Wait, I Don't Know
When That Day Comes I'll Let It Show
If Only You Knew My Feelings For You
I'll Stay Hopeful You'll Feel The Same Way Too
*~*From a distance*~*
From a distance I watch him
And there is no controling his mind or his heart
For i am just watching with a smile so grim
It is ripping me apart I cannot change him
He loves her and thats the way it has to be
Because I am afraid he does not love me
And its sad to say
That he feels this way!
Sometimes I remember
When we were together
Everything was perfect
In each and every way
You loved me forever, and more each day
I should have known
It was too good to be true
I held my head high
And tried and tried, to say goodbye
I thought about our memories

And all the good times
The times I had you So tight in my arms
And knew that it was true
That I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do
.*.bad boy.*.
I don't know what it is about that bad boy style
all I know is it drives me wild
every time I see you I can't help but smile
all the cute and thugish thing u do
make me wanna stay with u awhile
so you better hurry up and take u pick
cuz u just might be missing out on one bad lil' chick!
y do i always end up thinkin of u,
your voice your smile,everything you do
at 1st i thought this would never work out,
i thought we would never last, without a doubt,
but i think i m starting to c what no 1 else could that it seemed,
no1 else would, we r perfect 4 each other,
without a doubt, and this time it really will work out
2 busy 2 talk 2 u...
*Wanted By Many*
*Taken By None*
*Lookin At Some*
*Waitin For One*
We cry the same tears
We have the same fears
We pass the same years
We see the same stars
Under the same sky
We pass the same time
We all live and die
Cause friends and family
Wash thicker than blood
And if ya never felt love
Then I feel for you, Cuz
Cause lives pass above us in 747s
Deceased dwell below us
Before they go to heaven
Everything in between us has a meaning
Some stay connected
While other keep fiendin
Looking for that meaning
But the lost can't be found
Drop to your caps and pray
The only real way to get over somebody you loved is to make it all happen agan with somebody else.
"Please forgive me for the way I've been.
"Please stop hurting me",
That's what you said.
I try so hard not to make you hurt,
When I hurt you, I don't mean to.
When I hurt you, I hurt me too.
When I think about what I say,
I'm dying inside everyday.
I know what I've done now,
I've broken my favorite toy.
When I do mean things I cry in regret.
Why do you always forgive and forget?
I wish that you would hate me now,
Somehow I'll tell you know that I care.
I can't live without you at my side..
Please don't leave me.
You look in my eyes and silently I scream,
I'm so sorry,
But don't forgive me..."
Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder "What happened?"
Which type of person are you?
"To give anything less then your best is to sacrifice the gift."
No great work is impossible. The word it self says I'm possible
It's not where you came's where you're going...It's not what's on you...but what's in's not what you're driving it's what drives you that's important.
If a thousand people love you, I am in that thousand. If a hundred people love you, I am in that hundred. If ten people love you I am in that ten. If only one person loves you, you guessed it, that person is me! Ahh... sorry.. as of right now, I am not here. You know what that means!
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first.
Life is too short to just sit around on the computer all day, so what are you doing on the computer?
How can you miss me if I don't go away?
But I ask, if I think not, am I not? I think not. Don't you think?
I left. I don't know where I am. Do you know where I am? Do you know where you are? Are you lost? Did you find you? I found you. You're there at your computer. But I'm not here. So then I guess I'm over there somewhere.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
You don't have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the slowest guy running from the bear.
Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen, nor touched but are felt in the heart.
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
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Hello! This is Goldilocks. I'm busy right now eating porridge with the three bears, be back as soon as we settle which bowl of porridge is juuussst right!
I'm out trick-or-treating on the highway dressed as a deer,
There are plenty more fish in the sea, but who wants to go out with a fish?
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...", but for now, it is the best of times because I am in temporary bliss. My dream world known as sleep. I leave this on so as to wake up to a message from %n(their screen name).
The Lord has called me to my bed so that I may rest my weary head. when the stars go off to sleep and the sun begins to peep, that is when we'll meet again. until that time, goodnight dear friend.
I'm testing out my pillow right's probably going to take awhile so leave a quiet message and I'll get back to you later with the results.

Good friends are hard to find. Good friends are easy to love. Good friends are presents that last forever and that feel like gifts from above Good friends are one in a million. Good friends are stories to share. Good friends know the path to your happiness, and they walk with you all the way there. Good friends are lives overlapping. Good friends are laughter and tears. Good friends are emotions so deep that the trust just keeps growing over the years. Good friends are hard to find. Good friends are easy to adore. And you've been such a good friend to me ...that I could ask for nothing more
Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer me this:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true,
So I can say "I'm here for you."
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one I won't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven and wait for you,
I'll give the angels back their wings
And risk the loss of everything.
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do,
To have a friend just like you!
"What is a friend? I will tell is someone with whom
you dare to be yourself."
- Frank Crane
"A friend loveth at all times."
- Proverbs 17:17
I go with you through thick and thin,
I help you in every way I can,
You are here for me when I need help,
And Iíll be there for you.
Our friendship gets stronger every day,
We like each other in every way,
Even when we sometimes fight,
We always hold on to each other tight.
If one of us gets in trouble,
The other one is there,
We are friends for a life time,
We have some many dreams to share.
I hope we will stay friends forever,
No matter what happens in our lives,
I think our friendship was meant to be,
An everlasting friend thatís what you are to me.
> Somewhere theres someone who dreams of ur smile,and finds in ur presence that life is worth while,so when u r lonely,remember its true:someone is thinking of u.>
If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever.. If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..If Yur askin what I value the Answer is U.. if Yur askin if I love U the answer is I do
Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?
Friends r like stars they come and go but da 1's dat stay r the 1's that glow
~If I could be an angel, I'd make your every wish come true, but I am only human, Just a girl who's loving you~
*I wish I may, I mish I might, be the one you wish for tonite*
I Love it when...
I love it when you smile the way you do
I love it when the sky turns blue
I love it when the flowers bloom
and all I have left is you.<3
Somewhere between the procrastination.... the homework..... the incessant
forwards..... the friendships..... and the calls to each other complaining
about crushes...... Somewhere between the phone calls to old friends.....
the "I miss you"'s & the "I love you"'s....... the "What are we doing
tonight's?"..... and all of the changing, growing... Somewhere between the
classes........ the skipping classes...... the studying for tests....... the
pretending to study for tests....... And the downright NOT studying for
tests... I forgot.......... I forgot what high school is all about. I forgot
what it meant to cry....... I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't
make you happy........... And that pretending to be smart doesn't make you
smart............ I forgot that you can't just forget the past in fear of
the future.......... I forgot that you can't control falling in
love........... And that you can't make yourself fall in love........... I
learned that I can love......... I learned that it's okay to mess
up......... It's okay to ask for help......... And it's okay to feel like
crap.......... I learned it's okay to complain and whine to all your friends
for a whole day........ I learned that sometimes the things you want most
you just can't have. I learned that the greatest thing about school isn't
the dances, the drinking or the hook-ups... It's the friendships, which
means taking chances........ I learned that sometimes the things we want to
forget are the things which we need to talk about the most.......... I
learned that letters from friends are the most important thing. And that
sending cards to your friends makes you feel better. But basically, I just
learned that my friends - both old and new - are the most important people
to me in the world. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today..... So this
is a thank you to all of my friends for always being there and I love you.

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