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Guess what! I have a kitty named Magic....hes adorable, lovable and irrasistable! My dad named him Magic but I think thats because when he stares at you with his cute little eyes, They glow like magic so....yeah. Hes mostly white with dark gray spots, He has Light brown/Hazel eyes, His meow is rotten (but still cute) He acts like a baby. Hes spoiled! He sleeps all day but hes usually hyper friend can get him to the cutest face where it looks like hes smiling and its so cute.OH BOY! HIS BREATHE: AHHHHH! lol his breath stinks most of the times and its hard to explain. We should buy him Cat mints right? YEAHHH But we never get the time....Hes still AN ADORE

Email: Sare

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