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The Martini Lounge
Hey baBay! GeT CruNkeD ;)

SHouT OUtS to EverYone In OHiO(i MIss Ya'll Sooo mUCh!)

Ali-Hilarious...Hilarious!SMoooookin'! You know im gonna make you try when we're in college :p

Nikki-OMG u r 2 funny hunny and thankyou so much for bein there for me through all the hard times!

Hopkins-i miss hangin out witcha baby!u bet im gonna bring sum Ny shiot back with me. Getting crunked with you was always the best.I'll always think bout ya when im u know what ;)

Jessie-hunny u are so gonna get married to Braymonds! you know ur gonna be loaded too(nba)keep on that girl!heh sry shi* was kinda weird for you when i was goin through my little breakdown or wutever but i luv ya!

Zach-OMG i did not tell my mom! lol chillin with you and brad was the best. and NEVER forget that one night i did it for the team!hehe

Kendra Libby Allison- Kendra omg you and ur freakin yellow bug are hilarious! the Ghetto bug lol. I miss cruisin with ya! Libby u are such a pothead lol.Sex is bad!dont be a ho!ur bros was so fun lol(hookah and frozen beer in a bowllolol)that was sick. Allison girrrrll you gotta get steve off ur back cuz he is so god damn annoying and i swear he is homosexual. But i miss ya so much!and im sorry i kicked ya out new years eve lolol u know i wouldnt have done that if i was bein me!luv ya hun!

Kyle-we are so gonna get married one day and be rich together lol MAD SEX right lol.I miss ya! even tho ur a ho!and i still hope ur 'saving urself' for me!

Aimee-girl we go back how long? lol yofunnee!we gotta kick it when i get back in town hun! WBG u know! lol u and aaron are gonna get marrrrrieeed.

Sophia-awww im gonna miss ya sooo much! u and james lol ewwww god. keep workin! tell erin to shuthefuckup.

Adam-I miss hangin out with you sooo much. ur the best.

Erica- U keep ghetto ballin yo ass off holla front! damn lol keep me in check with the 106&park thing! freestyle friday!Jin!Keep pimpin!...heheh...drink one for me babe!

It's 4:41 im tired im quitting so if i forget neone IM me

2 my AftasCoo Kroo in NY...
SteveO-Ur car is a machine! lol lets go to mp, or pmp, now u can really buy ciggs. IM in love with the matrix.Its powers are unimaginable. lol u just ruined my euphoric moment jackass!watch out for kids stoners stones cones and reflectors.
Chris-I'm sure that chick wants her pants back by now. Zappa!ur 2 that day w/ steve running over stuff was hilariuous, xspeciall after Holmes.
!Meka!-UR SO WEIRD! lol ur such a schizo but u crack me up hun. how old are u neways lol..UR SUCH A STONNNNERRRRRRRRR.heh, u better throw in more next time.Yay you get tostay out past 5! lol
ED(LuCAS)-COoCooCoo! lol sry shi* didnt work out but u know there's better, bigger fish in the see, for ur, huge, HUGE, HUGGGE, whoa! lol u know!u know i still luv ya tho right?
J.Denton-U look like dave navarro!!!halo lol that was interesting, that chick in steeles class was like so hitting on me!not you! i guess i have to get used to the whole gayness thing in NY lol.
Joe-MR. MarlBoro man. i hear ur a piMP but i still think ur a shyguy. I quit my a$$!

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Chinese rapper! lolol

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