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My HoOmPaGe!!
tHat MeAns itS aLL 'bOUt mE!!!

Hey this is Jenni! ILUV YA"LL!!!
*ALPHA so no one gets mad!!
Adam,Ally,Andy,Ashley H,Ashley K,Augie,Brian,Brady,Carly,Cassie,Catlin,Clint,Chiara,Collin,Courtney,Danielt,Daniely,Devin,Elizabeth,Emily,Erik,Jasonc,jasonp,JessicaB,JessicaK,Jodie,Justin,Katy,Kathy,Khiara;),KelseyJ!,Kerby,Kylep,Kylej,kylew,Lee,Lizzy,MattL,Mattr,mike,<3Nathan,Rama,Reese,Robbie,Sammie,seth,Tanner, n if i missed u im super sorry jus chew me out n i'll add ya in here!
I play BBALL!! volleyball and im playin soccer this year first tyme since like 3rd grade!! oh yes! I go to SOLON HIGH SKOOL n im gonna be drivin a black toyota truck!!
Im bout 5'4" 110 I gots brown hair n hazel eyes... uuhhh
I like to be outside soakin up the sun, drivin w/ brady!, playin bball or vball, chillen w/ friends, goin to the mall, shopping, thinkin bout nathan...oops did i say that out loud?!, n idk gettin a tan!

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