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Hi! WhaZzUp....FiRsT Im GoNnA GiVe YoU My OfFiCiAl
ShOuToUtz-> AnDrEa, JeSs, ToMmY, BrIaN,IaN, MiLeZ, DuCkiE, BiNgO, AdDrIaNnE, AdAm, SaMaNtHa, ApRiL, LiZzIe, AsH, TrIo....LoTs MoRe....<3 ya allz!

WeLL, WhEn I GrOw Up I ThInK I WaNt To Be A DoCtOr BuT HoNeStLy.....I HaVeNt DeCiDeD YeT....:)

If A JeANiE PoPPeD OuTa My LaMp....I'd WiSh FoR WoRLd PeAcE....A GrEaT FrIeNd WhO AlWaYz StAyZ By My SiDe EvErY SeCoNd Of My LiFe AnD FoR My NeXt DoOr NeIgHbOrZ DoG To ShUtUp!LOL

I HaVe A KiTtY!!!! OmG! HeS So CuTe.....HeS AlWaYz HyPeR AnD ReTaRdEd....He BuMpS In To WaLLz, HiTs HiS HeAd EvEryWhEre And When He PlaYz, He FaLLz On ThE FLo0r WiT A BIG Bo0m!

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