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My Poems
Welcome to my homepage

This is my homepage!I'm Jane 14 years old & I like to write poems.
Im from Philippines.I hope you like my poems.If you like it just
click the Jane on the last page and tell me about it!!Thank you
Hi to my Family in california!Jez,mommy,daddy,&tito warren!!!!

"Childhood Friend"
This is my feeling for you I can't hardly understand
When I saw you looking at me,I told to my self "you look familiar to me"I don't know when&where we met but theres something in my heart it beats like a drum,Then you look at me again,My heart keeps beating faster than before,
My friends told me that you are my childhood friend.I was in shock 'coz we had a relationship since we were children.I'm scared to look at you,to talk to you,'coz maybe you won't mind me,but this was wrong,you ask me where do I live now and you sign my slambook,you told me thank you.There's a time to say goodbye,you talk to me one one one,you tell jokes,and you ask me the hard question that I can't answer,Then I can't say YES 'coz this is not the time to say those words.You just told me to take care My Childhood Friend.
You are my friend who always there,
You are my secret crush who bring love to me,
You are the person who can catch a girl with your charming face &
cute smile....
You are my hope who bring the light to me,
You are god's gift for me even though you don't know.
You are still the guy I love...
You will stay in my heart 'coz,
You bring joyness to me,
Like no one guy can do.
You&still you the guy in my heart.
"I still missing you Papa"
Sometimes when I'm missing you,
I just thinking of you.
The moments & I remembering the day that we & our family do.
The way you make us laugh & specially me.
I always saying "how lucky I am to have a very talented father"
I'm so proud 'coz even though we don't get along everyday,
But I still know that you & I like friends...
The way you tell joke's dancing & singging,
I'm very,very proud 'coz I have a father like you...
I really miss you,
Did I tell you if you have problems I'm affected...
If you happy for what you are doing,
I'm happy too,&If you get hurt I'm hurt too.
I know that this is the only way to make you happy,
But do you know when I'm missing you, I cried 'coz I know I can't see you again but I'm still hoping someday...
Somewhere the god will give us the way too see each other again...But I still missing you..."Papa"

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