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HoLa To ThA HoMiEs
ElMoS PaGe

Holla, hope yall like my webpage, i aint got much to say but jus look at tha pics of my homies!!!
*!*!*shout outs: Nat a.-keep drinkin;)its healthy *barbie-go strut yo shit! *E.J- boy you are fiine as hell, but im disappointed! *kayla-gurl, good luck, your way 2 good for johnyy!! *stephy-stay cute as always *cynthia-wuddup my lil cuzin!! *T.J-i aint a blood boi!!! *keren-ima eat your food! haha *mayra-wuddup wit chu n' ervin? *martel-you are A REAL cutie, jus learn to keep girls longer;) *dennis-i luv ya but dont mock everyone! *justin-wuts with tha ugly girls??? *walter- man i gotta say, your realy scary**!ASHLEY PONSE IS UGLY!! nathalie n.-ima miss you gurl!! keep doin your bad things but dont get into too much trouble! i love everyone, if i missed you then tell me !! muwah XOXOXOXO 143 XOXOXO 2 ALL

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