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AngEl BabYs WoRld
Dare To LooK

Hey Im THe 1 AnD OnlY AnGEl BabY!!! I lOve TO DAnCE HAvE FUn AnD JuST ChIll.(Wit KK) I hAve BluE EyES AnD LonG BLonD HAiR.I Am Now SinGle So All Hot GuyS HollA! LookINg ForWArD to SchOOl And PaRtyS, DancEs. All KinDS of SurpRiSeS.
Kayla U mUH Girl(1 and Only) BritNey HaVE FUn This yeaR. Mike U kNo I WAs To GooD fOr U aNywAy. KaTerA U CAn Be A bItCh But Thx For All UvE DonE. BraDly U mUh BoY! NIcK Luv Ya 2 much.ChrIs StaY SweeT till I See You AgAin!!! AnGElIcA U a ToTal BiTcH aND WhoRe! LuREn HOWs LiFe?
K I G2G Im Me Or EmAil MMe AnD lIke I SAiD all Muh BoYs AnD gIrLs Holla!!!!!!

Email: SaMaNtHa

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