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WaSs Go0d!

Hey Wassup.....May I Intr0duce The Most CuteSt KiTTy In ThA WoRLd>?....HiS NaMeS MaGiC, HeS IrRaZiStABle To HoLd, CuZ He GoT ThA SkILLz To OuTSmArT u We FouNd HiM On THa StReeT, He HaD No Fo0d To EaT, He WaS HuNgRy So We FeD HiM GaVe HiM a HoMe AnD A LyFe To LuV FoReVa So0o0o thIs Is WhY i TeLL U AbOuT tHiS KiDDo, AnYWaYs I DuN wAnNa BoRe YoU BuT U No I wOnT IgNoRe U,:":* LoLz YeAh HeReS My FrInz: Andrea, DeNNy, AdRiAnne, SamanThA, MiRa,LaVi, FrIzZy,Luv Ya FriZ, TraVis, CaDi, BeNNy, ReNdAL, KiM, JaY, RyAn, JeFF, Aj, DD, B&j, GriFFy, KeNNy, BarrIcE.....alotta OthErs.....Ummm I GoT NuTTin SpEcIaL 4 u, ByE bYe!

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