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Teh Bestest Site in Da World
by: the bestest girl in da world

We are all varibels in the equations the solution to this equation is how you respond to it. You can get the solution wrong and sit and dwell on the mistake you made or you can get up and DROP IT drop the mistake you made and know that you fucked up but so does everyone and you need to move on with life.

What did i do? What did i do? i don't understand what you want from me? Becuase i may never know how to slove this mystery.

Hey guyz hows it goin out der? woohoo hey to all my Pimpettes outa thur keep it gansta. Woof Woof. Tart yes dear you are a pimp and the best. Emly and K-stack i love you guyz we'll be bbf 4-eva screw kristyn i hate dat bitch muahhahah. Emly i love you dood i wanna have ya babies woohoo.

Hobbies: Cars Cars Boyz and hot cars also street racing and hott boyz
Dating:I'm single now woohoo gurlz watch out
Age: 15
Sign: Taurus
Eyes: blue
Hair: Blonde
Grade: 10th
Location: Orlando,Florida
Automobile: Skyline then my lil focus supras all da way
Boy: SPONGE BOB/NICK/Kevie hehe
Movies: Gone in 60 seconds
Music:WEATUS ROCKS Green day,Simple Plan,Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,50 cent,I really like anything that sounds good to me.
Song: the moon and the stars
Food: Pizza and sweets woohoo and does publix sprinkle cookies :)
Computer games: Half-life any mod mostly DOD
Sport: I don't play ne but my fav to watch is football
Football team: Ohio state pro: Steelers
Dogs rule cats smell funny
Number: 13
Shoutouts:P-HILL ROCKS cj da biggest sweetie in skewl, Emly,K-stack,Jonathan,Brian,E-dub,Erick-lil cuban boy Audrey da ho,Lizhead,Big bryan, Ricky, Craig, Adrian, Amanda, Billy,Brad,Jermaine, John, Kayla kates, Kelly, KEVIN, c.j., billy, Cathy, Nicole aka Kristen, Rachael, Nick Nick and Nick, Pete, Paul, Robbie, Rosalyn, Ryan, Samantha, Tirzah, Tim, Nicole,Roxy,Taylor,Jilly, Stepi,ALYCIA woohoo lol,
Sh0ut Outs to my dod ppl: Un-anand Beef-Kevin Zoot-my daddy Merc-Kevin Spud Viral Distrubed Alienme Hurricane silent Luke Pauly Bikeage t0ot Vamp Beefalo Dakota u5 Neomega S1lent Sm0ke Olaf Necrotic BB STABBEH I <3 BOOBIE CONE YOU DOOD !!!! 38th is teh 1337est clan outa thur !!!! i love all you guyz..........ya always thur when i need you threw all those bad times and good ones :) ya real good friends thnx
Inside jokes:
K-stack: DISNEY WORLD, the metal spoon, pop rocks, choclate factory
Emly: Hold me emily i'm scared
E-dub: the metal spoon lol we've both been hit LOL
Kevin: MONKIN, ducktape haha, Kevie i love you, GDS lol
Tart: the can hahha, some crazy guy- ya know who tart think
Alycia: DOOOD
Geffy: clan boys clan woot, death to john deereererereeerre
Lizhead: theirs something in the closet LOL
Trizah Megan and Khristina
Tirzah is- brotherly love
Megan is- sex on the beach
Khristina is- deap throat LOL
like i said i love you all :) or maybe i didn't
"No man should kill himself as long as he can be of the least use to anybody, and if you cannot find some person that you are willing to do something for, find a good dog and take care of him. You have no idea how much better you will feel." Robert Ingersoll
"It is common sense to take a method and try it, if it fails, admit it and try another".
Obstacles and problems are a part of life. True happiness come not when we get rid of all of our problems but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potention source of awakening, opportunities to practice patience and to learn.
Here are a few love poems from my great friend Anand (hes a cutie):
My love for you is infinite, it has always been there hidden in plain view...i just never todl you...i was always afraid of what would become of it, from the first day i met you, i was in love, with that smile, that laugh...that personality that makes u great...
i thought of you all through the day...that one moment lasted for ever when we talked, you made my heart sing...then you smiled....that smile that i love...that smile that makes me happy...that smile that melts hearts i looked into your eyes.... those eyes that show you care, care about everything
When you talk ot me, you give me a high, a kind of high i cant get from anywhere lese, except for you, you make me feel alive, make it seem like life is great again, make every little rotten thing about life disappear, i can only dream of this high, and all i can dream of is about knees grow weak, and my stomach gets tangled into knots, its a great, i love it, and how you give it to me
i ah jus now thought of the last part i can only dream of this high, and all i can dream of is about knees grow weak, and my stomach gets tangled into knots, its a great, i love it, and how you give it to me, those probably gonna change me and make it better.
Favorite songs:
Teenage dirt bag "ooo yea dirt bag noo he doesn't know what hes missing" bobby hehe
Punk assed bitch "She wriggles and she wraggles" BOBBY ITS ALL FOR YOU BABY << my cutie pie hehe
AHH that boy at the rock show drives me crazy woohoo to bad hes getting kicked outa skewl because hes failing and all his friends hate me but everything is better when hes around...!!!!!
Ms. Megan make all da Ballas wanna Starr Hoza-Notie Boots flyin with da furr Walk with a switch pull it ova make it twerk
I'ma Flirt till it hurt in a throwback skirt Im dat bad bitch, foxy and Don Blaze Rocks on my Risk like pink lemonade ill take ya watches and ya rangs Tell tell them other girls lil mama rockin strings and Chanel Pearls Im back fo my crown fake bithes bow down dis da remix wat ya wanna do now I know u like da way we do dis ova herrr get loose in da club like we don't carrr
K-STACK WOOHOO LOL we got it goin on bia lol
LIFE ROCKS WOOFREAK'NHOOO lol be happy because i love you and thats all that matters :)

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my crazy ass survey whatcha really think of me!!!!

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