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MzStar RePrEsEnTiNg CaLi
H.A FrEaKy MzStAr

Hey, this MzStar coming str8ight outta Cali Representing Da 310.
Let me start by letting everyone know alitle bit about me.
I'm Mexican and French No, I dont know how to speak French but I do speak Spanish!! I don't wanna go there on my age because no one ever belives me so If u want to know how old I am please feel free to e-mail me.I'm over 21 ok. I'm currently single I have two kids. I enjoy meeting people as long as these two rules apply don't disrespect me and we'll be cool and keep it real MzStar doesn't like to b/s I'm quick to let you know whatz on my mind. Well, if there's anything else you wanna know feel free to e-mail me ok? byez MzStar


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